About the Centennial Wireless Merger with AT&T*

On November 6, 2009, AT&T completed its acquisition of Centennial Communications Corp. Since then, AT&T employees and former Centennial employees have come together to integrate the two companies, to deliver on AT&T's commitment to provide the best possible wireless experience, and to help you connect with what matters most to you now and in the years to come.

Centennial Wireless is joining AT&T

AT&T is integrating Centennial's and AT&T's wireless networks and is deploying 3G coverage at more than 200 sites in Centennial's markets across the Midwest and Southeast United States and in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Centennial customers may retain their current plans for now or choose to move to AT&T service with access to superior call quality, the best wireless coverage worldwide, and the nation's fastest 3G network. See AT&T's network coverage in your area.

To serve you better, AT&T integrated the two companies' stores and expanded the number of AT&T retail locations. Today, you may purchase AT&T products and services in former Centennial Wireless stores, as well as AT&T retail stores in your area. Find a store near you and visit us today.

Benefits for Centennial customers

If you are a former Centennial Wireless customer who would like to migrate to AT&T service you may do so by visiting an AT&T retail store or a former Centennial Wireless store. As an AT&T customer, you can upgrade your phone and select a new one from the best selection of devices. When you select your new AT&T rate plan, you get great value with features like A-List with Rollover®, which gives you unlimited calling to up to 10 numbers on any network nationwide (including landlines) and lets you keep your unused Anytime Minutes. Along with your new phone and rate plan, you will be on AT&T's national network – the nation's fastest 3G network.

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*Applies only to Centennial customers in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands