Moving? Let’s
stay together!
It’s easy to transfer your eligible DIRECTV service to your new home. Just let us know your new address and move date and we’ll take care of the rest.

Call us at 855.333.0032

Frequently asked questions

  • Should I cancel my DIRECTV service before I move?
    You don’t have to cancel your service when you move, especially when it’s easier to just transfer your old service to your new address.
  • How do I transfer my DIRECTV service?
    DIRECTV customers will need to call 855.333.0032.
  • What if I’m a DIRECTV customer moving to a condo or renting?
    If you are moving to an apartment, condo, or rental home, you will need to provide the installer with a completed Landlord Approval Form before we can install and activate your service.
  • Can I make changes to my service when I move?
    Of course! DIRECTV customers will need to call 855.333.0032.
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