Unlimited for $50/mo.
When you open a new line on our $65/mo. plan and sign up for AutoPay, you’ll save $15 each month.

AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

First month service charge and taxes are due at sale. One-time activation fee of $15 if activating in a store. Other restrictions may apply. Taxes and fees extra.

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Simplify and save with AutoPay

Check out the many benefits when automatically paying for your AT&T PREPAIDSM service with a credit, debit card, or echeck:


  • Get a discount every month. AutoPay savings available on each line on a family plan.


  • Receive reminders before each payment.
  • Pay automatically, on time and securely.
  • Never lose your service.


  • Pay with credit, debit, or echeck.
  • Change your AutoPay settings any time.
  • Cancel with no penalties.

AutoPay savings on Unlimited and Unlimited Plus

  • Save $15/mo.


    $50/mo. with AutoPay*
    (With new line activation. $65/mo. w/o AutoPay)

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  • Save $15/mo.


    $60/mo. with AutoPay*
    (With new line activation. $75/mo. w/o AutoPay)

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Discover all AT&T PREPAID options

Find the right plan for your needs, with no annual contract!


Save even more with a Family plan

Add up to 5 lines, each with its own data, all under one account.


What is AT&T PREPAID AutoPay?

AutoPay renews your plan automatically, using your preferred method of payment, before your plan expires. This means no more manually paying for your plan, no more checking the calendar to see when your payment is due, and no more losing your service because you forgot to pay on time.

What Discounts are Available with AutoPay and AT&T PREPAID?

Here are a couple examples of how AT&T PREPAID customers can save money with AutoPay.

•  Customers on $65 and $75 plans are eligible for a $15 monthly AutoPay discount.

•  Family plan owners are eligible for these savings for every line on their account. AT&T may also occasionally offer a promotion AutoPay savings amount.

Take control of your billing and payments

Another benefit of AutoPay is that you won’t have to sacrifice flexibility. You can change your settings or payment method for AutoPay at any time, and you can cancel for any reason without penalty. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can enroll in AutoPay and how does the discount work?
    All PREPAID plans can take advantage of the convenience of AutoPay, but only Unlimited plans offer a discount ($15/mo. for new customers, and $10/mo. for existing customers). Our $30 and $40 plans can use AutoPay to renew every month. Pay-per-use and daily plans can use AutoPay to automatically add $25 to an account once it reaches $0.
  • What payment methods can I use for AutoPay?
    You can enroll using a credit card, debit card with major credit card logo, or e-check.
  • When will I be charged if I’m signed up for AutoPay?
    Monthly plan customers are charged on the 29th day of service.
    12-month plan customers are charged on the 359th day of service.
    3-month plan customers are charged on the 90th day of service.
    Non-monthly customers are charged 1 day before balance expiration.