Your security is our top priority
We’re bringing together all our security features to keep you protected.
Some features req. compatible device/service. Other terms and req’s apply.

Protecting you at home, at work, and on the go

Built-in protection with 24/7 proactive network security for wireless and internet at home and at work. Plus in-app security features from custom call controls to managing who’s on your Wi-Fi® networks.

AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Mobile Security

AT&T Smart Home Manager

Built-in protection

Security capabilities come standard with your wireless and internet plans.

10 million fraud calls blocked per day

30K at risk Wi-Fi connections secured per day

1,000+ security-related patents to keep you secure

In-app security features

Frequently asked questions

  • What is AT&T ActiveArmorSM?
    AT&T ActiveArmorSM is the combination of our 24/7 network protection with built-in, patented security technology that proactively detects and prevents threats, plus additional security apps and solutions. Together, these capabilities help safeguard our wireless, fiber, and internet customers’ devices and data.
  • Connecting on the go: How does AT&T ActiveArmorSM protect me and how do I get it?

    We automatically give our wireless customers essential security features including network-based automatic fraud call blocking and suspected spam risk alerts—at no extra cost.

    Additionally, wireless customers can download the free AT&T Call Protect app to customize their robocall protection and even create their own personal block list. Securing our customers’ devices and data is just as important—with the free AT&T Mobile Security app wireless customers can enable device security and receive data breach alerts and tips.1

    Customers on our best wireless plans—AT&T Unlimited ExtraSM and Unlimited Elite® get enhanced Caller ID and additional advanced security features of the AT&T Mobile Security app including Identity Monitoring, Safe Browsing, and Public Wi-Fi Protection at no extra charge.2


    1Req’s compatible device/service and download of AT&T Mobile Security and Call Protect apps. Data charges may apply. Other terms and req’s apply. Visit to learn more.

    2Also available for customers on other plans for $3.99/month. For AT&T unlimited plans, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. See for more details.

  • Connecting at home and work: How does AT&T ActiveArmorSM protect me and how do I get it?

    AT&T Fiber® and AT&T Internet provide a range of security tools as part of their monthly service. These tools use a combination of device and network capabilities to safeguard internet users, including:

    · All AT&T Fiber plans include AT&T Internet Security, which provides automatic defense from at-risk sites likely to infect your devices with malware and proactive device safety monitoring that blocks suspicious data transmissions even on Wi-Fi.1

    · AT&T Internet: Enjoy anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection as you surf, search and shop online powered by McAfee®  security. Learn More

    · Fiber Internet built for your small business

    · Smart Home Manager app provides a holistic view of devices and activities in the home, as well as parental controls (compatible gateway required).

    · AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway, network firewall and anti-virus solutions help to protect devices from attack.

    1AT&T Fiber subscribers only; guards against known threats only; compatible Gateway and Smart Home Manager app req’d; security features must be enabled; protects devices connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet.