• Choose the photos, videos, and documents you want to save.
  • Easily download and transfer files.
  • Automatically restore your contacts when you upgrade devices.



  • Manage from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Easily share a single photo or an entire album.
  • Save content from almost all your devices and across operating systems.


  • Your stored content is available to you even if you lose or replace your device.
  • Password protection helps to safeguard your information and privacy.

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How AT&T Locker works


If you log in to the new AT&T Locker and don’t see your pictures and other files, you may have accidentally created a brand new AT&T Locker account. To access your files in your original Locker, log in with your existing AT&T User ID and password. Do not create a new User ID.

Can’t remember your AT&T User ID and password? Select the Forgot User ID link, and enter the email address you used to set up your original Locker. Your AT&T User ID will be emailed to you. Still need help? Call us.

AT&T Locker is a cloud-based service that saves copies of your favorite photos, videos, music files, and documents directly from your devices to your 50GB free* cloud storage account. Once your files are stored in the cloud, you can access, manage, and share them from AT&T Locker anytime, from almost any device. The service includes 50GB of cloud storage and an application that you activate on your phone, tablet, or computer.

*Data rates may apply.

Visit AT&T Locker: Overview to learn more.


The number of photos, videos, music files, and documents you can store in your Locker depends on the type and size of the files you upload. Here’s an example of how much storage 50GB represents:

You only use your Locker to store photos taken from your phone with an average resolution of 5–7 megapixels. You could store up to 25,000–30,000 individual photos in your Locker!


Access, compatibility & devices


  • Android™ smartphones and tablets running OS 4.3.x and above
  • iPad® and iPhone® devices (requires iOS 7.0 and above)
  • Smartphones with Windows® Phone OS 8 and above
  • A computer with Internet access

Supported Web browsers include:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 10 and 11
  • Mozilla Firefox, latest version
  • Safari 8, on Mac only
  • Google Chrome, latest version

Yes. One benefit of storing your files in AT&T Locker is that you have access to the same content from many devices. When you use AT&T Locker on your phone or tablet, you can store photos as you take them. The desktop application offers more sharing and file-saving features, including the automatic ability to save copies of photos you’ve stored on your computer directly to your AT&T Locker account. Downloading those files from your Locker is easy, too.

  • To access and use the Web version of the AT&T Locker, visit from any Internet-capable device. Once there, you can log in to view and manage your files. 
  • To save, restore, sync, and share content from your PC or Mac, and set up automatic file saving to your Locker, you can download the free desktop application from To download, click on your name, then select Get the Desktop App in the menu.
  • The mobile application is available on all major app store sites. Data rates may apply for app download and usage. This app lets you save, share, and manage your files from your compatible smartphone, tablet, and computer.

No. With AT&T Locker, all of your files are safe and stored in your individual cloud account. You can access your content when you log in using your AT&T User ID and personal password. You can reach your Locker through your AT&T devices (such as your phone or tablet), your computer, or a Web browser on any Internet-connected device.

With AT&T Locker, all of your content is secure and protected. We use state-of-the-art TLS and HTTPS cryptographic protocols for data transit, and 128-bit AES encryption of all content stored in the cloud.

If your phone is lost or stolen, you may still access your Locker from a computer or any other mobile device on which you’ve activated the app. We also recommend resetting your AT&T Locker password. When you get another mobile device, just download AT&T Locker, log in, and start using your Locker again.

Yes. You can use AT&T Locker wherever you access the Internet from a wireless device. If AT&T Locker is set to automatically back up your files, we recommend that you change your Locker settings when you leave the country. To avoid international data use charges, upload only when you’re on Wi-Fi.

Learn more about AT&T international roaming rates and discount plans at


Account management & billing


There is no cost for the AT&T Locker application, which comes with 50GB of free* storage. By setting up AT&T Locker to upload or download on Wi-Fi networks only, you won’t be charged for data usage. If you access AT&T Locker on the AT&T cellular network, the app uses data on your wireless device. Uploading, downloading, or streaming content from your wireless device can use large amounts of data. This may lead to data overage charges.

*Data rates may apply for app download and usage.

For information on AT&T data plans, visit

For AT&T international roaming rates and discount plans, visit

To view your storage usage from within the AT&T Locker mobile application, select the Navigation icon (three lines in upper left corner) > Settings.

You can also view storage usage within your myAT&T account. To get there, log in to myAT&T, and choose AT&T Locker from the Overview page.

To cancel your account:

1. Log in to myAT&T.
2. Choose your AT&T Locker account from the Overview page.
3. Select Cancel.*
4. Follow the confirmation steps to complete the cancellation process.

*Before you cancel your AT&T Locker account—which you can do at any time—we recommend that you download a copy of your Locker files to your computer or a storage device first.

Once you cancel your AT&T Locker account, your account will be placed on hold. Your content will remain in the AT&T Locker cloud for 180 days. During this time, you can reactivate AT&T Locker. Please note: If you do not reactivate the service within this time, your AT&T Locker account will be closed and all content stored in your Locker will be deleted. Because AT&T Locker only stores copies of your files (not originals), your original files on your mobile devices or your computer will not be affected when your cloud content is deleted. We recommend that you download a copy of your Locker files to a storage device before you cancel your AT&T Locker account.

If you’ve used all 50GB of storage, you won’t be able to upload new content until you remove some of the existing content from your Locker.


Updating to the latest version



No. Your AT&T User ID and password remain the same. If you’ve forgotten your User ID or password, select the Forgot User ID or Password link on the login page for help.

No. You need to verify settings on all devices that have AT&T Locker.

The latest version of AT&T Locker organizes your files into categories. To find your files, follow the navigation to the category you want to view. Categories include Photos, Videos, Music, and Documents.

AT&T Locker now comes with 50GB of free cloud storage.* If you previously had 5GB of free cloud storage, you’ve been upgraded automatically to 50GB for free.

*Data rates may apply.

There are two backup settings available across all operating systems: What to back up and How to back up.

What to back up lets you choose the type of content you want to save (photos, videos, music, and documents). How to back up lets you choose to back up over Wi-Fi, or both Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Settings for When to back up are also available for some devices.  For example, on Android you may choose to back up Hourly, During the Day, and At Night.

Also, you may back up photos immediately after capturing them.

To do this on Android devices:

1. Go to What to back up.
2. Check the Photos box.
3. Slide the switch to the right until it displays as a black circle.

The steps are similar for iOS:

1. Navigate to What to back up in settings.
2. Check the Photos box.
3. Find Auto Backup and slide the switch on.

In the new version of AT&T Locker, documents are managed as individual files instead of in albums. You can access the files from AT&T Locker’s Documents section. Documents are files with the following extensions:

  • .doc/.docx
  • .ppt/.pptx
  • .xls/.xlsx
  • .pps
  • .pdf
  • .odt

All other albums, such as Photo Albums and Music Albums, will continue to be available.

The new version of AT&T Locker is available for:

  • Android smartphones and tablets running OS 4.3x and above
  • iPad and iPhone (requires iOS 7.0 or newer)
  • Smartphones with Windows Phone 8 and above
  • Internet access from a computer.

If your device’s operating system is not supported, you can still access your content online at

AT&T Locker: Available to AT&T wireless customers. Data rates may apply. Requires compatible Android smartphones and tablets running OS 4.3.x and above, iPad and iPhone running iOS 7.0 and above, smartphones with Windows Phone 8 and above, or Internet access from a computer. Storage amounts subject to change or may be discontinued at any time. Restrictions apply. For complete terms and conditions, see AT&T Locker Terms of Service.