AT&T Messages

Discover a new way to text

Now you have a way to keep the conversation going from your phone to your tablet and computer.

  • Never miss a message
    Send and receive text and picture messages from your tablet or computer, so you’ll get all your messages no matter which device you’re using.
  • Use your own number
    Messages sent from your tablet or computer come from your mobile phone number—no need for anyone to remember a new number.
  • Message backup in our cloud
    Use AT&T Messages on your tablet or computer, and your text and picture messages will be backed up in the AT&T cloud.
Check out on your computer or tablet.

AT&T Messages app

The free* AT&T Messages app on your Android smartphone or tablet takes your messaging to new heights:

  • View all your text and picture messages—plus calls and voicemail messages—in a single inbox.
  • See all messages, calls, and voicemails grouped into threads by person.
  • Send and receive group messages.
  • Messages are backed up in the AT&T cloud.
  • If you get a new smartphone that supports AT&T Messages or AT&T Messages Backup & Sync, your stored messages can be downloaded from the cloud.

Learn more about AT&T Messages

With AT&T Messages, you can send and receive text and pictures messages from your tablet or computer. Your messages are stored in the network so you can continue the conversation even when you switch devices. AT&T Messages uses your AT&T mobile number, so whether you send messages from your phone, tablet, or computer, everyone will know the message is from you.

On your tablet or computer, go to and log in using your AT&T Access ID. Don't have an AT&T Access ID? Follow the directions on the page to set one up. Supported AndroidTM tablets and smartphones can also download the AT&T Messages application from Google Play. AT&T Messages smartphone users have call logs and voice messages included in their inbox as well as on the Web and tablet as long as their phone is also on.

AT&T Messages is available to AT&T wireless customers on the Web from a computer or tablet using an HTML 5–compliant browser. Subscribers must have messaging enabled on their account. AT&T Messages is currently not available to prepaid customers.

You can run AT&T Messages on Android 4.0 or higher LTE smartphones. You need to have a smartphone data plan and receive a monthly bill for your wireless service from AT&T. (GoPhone® or other prepaid service plans are not supported.) Download AT&T Messages for smartphones from Google Play and select the app icon on your smartphone to begin set up.

You can run the tablet version of the downloadable app on tablets running Android 3.2 operating system or higher. Download AT&T Messages for tablets from Google Play to your tablet and log in using your AT&T Access ID.

Yes. While using the AT&T Messages service, you’ll need to turn off iMessage® in order to receive all text messages on the Web and tablet.
On your iPhone, go to Settings, Messages, iMessage and select OFF. After logging out of AT&T Messages, you can turn iMessage back on.

Yes. Additional information about international roaming is available at

Your messages are stored in the network so you can continue the conversation even when you switch devices. If you remove the network storage service, text messages, call logs, and voicemails will no longer be accessible from your tablet or on the Web. If you’d like to remove the network storage service, please follow these instructions.

You can find the AT&T Messages End User Licensing Agreement at

Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. LTE is trademark of ETSI. 4G speeds not available everywhere.

AT&T Messages: Your texts, call logs, and voicemail are copied to and stored in your cloud inbox so that they are available on the Web and tablet. If you no longer want your messages copied to your cloud inbox, visit for details on how to remove the service. A Messaging Unlimited plan is highly recommended with this application. Compatible device required. Standard messaging and data rates apply.