Locate family members virtually any time

  • See their phone's location on an interactive map.
  • Keep track of your kids from your phone, tablet, or computer.**
  • Set up a schedule to get alerts by text or email when the kids get home.
  • Locate a lost or stolen phone.
  • Review the location history for each family member.

AT&T FamilyMap is compatible with the latest iOS®, Android™, Windows®, and BlackBerry®.

**Internet access required.

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Explore AT&T FamilyMap

Register an account and then download the app designed for your device:

iPhone® and iPad® users:
Get the app from the Apple iTunes App Store >

Android users:
The AT&T FamilyMap app is preloaded on Android™ devices. You can access the app on your phone's app screen, or
Visit the Google Play store >

Other users:
On BlackBerry devices, Windows® 7 devices, and other feature phones, the AT&T FamilyMap app is often available as a preload. You can also text FMAPP to 7229 to access the application on your phone.

Web users:
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Most smartphones and basic phones can be located with AT&T FamilyMap. However, prepaid and GoPhone® services are not supported.

Locating an iPhone? Every family member that uses an iPhone must download AT&T FamilyMap from the Apple iTunes App Store and keep it installed on their iPhone.

Note: If the family member you are locating has an Assisted GPS (A-GPS) device and is also subscribed to AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless™, there are times that the system will need to use alternative location technology to locate the device and will return a location with an accuracy of a few hundred yards or more. This will occur if the family member has reached their Browsing Limit or is in a Time-of-Day Restriction at the same time of day you are locating them.

Check each of these points:

Are you locating an iPhone?
Every family member that uses an iPhone must download the app from the Apple iTunes App Store and keep it installed on their iPhone.

Phones must be turned on, and in an AT&T network coverage area.
If you can't locate someone, verify that their phone is turned on and in AT&T network coverage.

Location Services should be on (GPS and Wi-Fi).
Turning these services on can improve location accuracy. Go to the phone’s Settings to turn them on.

For security reasons, phones receive a text message from AT&T FamilyMap when they become locatable. Also, locatable phones receive notifications via text message that they can be located. These messages are received about once every two months.

Subscribers can choose to notify a phone every time it is located, instead of receiving regular notifications. To manage your preferences, choose Family Notifications from the Manage Account screen.

Stop your children from deleting the app in five easy steps:

1.     Access the iPhone (iOS 7+) and select Settings.

2.     Tap General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.

3.     You'll be prompted to create a 4-digit passcode. Do not share this with your family member.

4.     Toggle Deleting Apps to Off.

5.     Tap the Home button, and return the iPhone to your child.

Yes! Sign up for a FamilyMap account to locate a lost or stolen phone.

Note: The phone must be turned on and in AT&T network coverage to be located. The location will be approximate, and will not be accurate enough to find a lost phone in a specific room in a house. When a phone becomes locatable, it receives a text message saying that it can be located by AT&T FamilyMap.