Transfer your contacts and more

Easy set-up

1. Check to see if both of your phones are compatible. Check compatibility.

2. Starting with your old phone, text TRANSFER to 6565. You'll receive a text message with a link to download the free AT&T Mobile Transfer app. Then, do the same with your new phone.

Or, you can just download the app for each phone:





Learn how to transfer contacts, pictures, and more


Quick transfer

1. Now, connect both phones to your home Wi-Fi network and launch AT&T Mobile Transfer:

  1. On your old phone, select From this phone and follow the steps to generate a QR Code.

  2. On the new phone, select To this phone and follow the steps to generate the QR Code reader.

2. Use your new device to scan the QR Code from the old one, which links both devices. Follow the prompts to transfer your content, and you’re done!

Note: Transfers for iPhone® are limited to contacts, pictures, and videos.

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Supported devices
Mobile Transfer will work on the devices listed below. This list is updated often, so if you don't see your device, check back soon.
iOS® (version 5.0 and higher)


iPhone 4

iPhone 4s

iPhone 5

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone SE





iPad Air 2

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini with Retina display

iPad Air



Amazon Fire OS



Amazon Fire Phone




AndroidTM OS (version 2.3 and higher)



Asus Pad Phone

BlackBerry (Android OS)



BlackBerry PRIV


HTC First


HTC One M8

HTC One M9


HTC One X+



HTC One mini

HTC Vivid

HTC Desire® EYE

HTC One A9


Huawei Fusion 2


Kyocera DuraForce™




LG Escape

LG G Flex

LG G Flex 2





LG Nitro HD

LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G*

LG G Pad 7.0

LG G Vista

LG G Vista 2

LG V10




Motorola Atrix

Motorola Atrix 2

Motorola Atrix 4 G

Motorola Atrix HD

Motorola Moto X™

Motorola G™

Motorola Nexus 6


Pantech Pocket


Galaxy Express

S 5

Galaxy Mega

S 5 mini

S 6

S 6 edge

GS 6 Edge +

Galaxy S 7

Galaxy S 7 Edge

Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note II*

Galaxy Note® 3

Galaxy Note® 4

Galaxy Note® 5

Galaxy Rugby Pro

Galaxy S 4

Galaxy S 4 Active

Galaxy S 5 Active

Galaxy S 6 Active

Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Galaxy S II/Epic Touch*

Galaxy S III*

Galaxy S® 4 zoom

Galaxy S® III mini

Infuse 4G

Rugby Smart

Galaxy Alpha™

Galaxy Mega® 2

Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

Galaxy Note Pro 12.1

Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Galaxy Exhilarate

Captivate Glide

Galaxy J3 (2016)

Galaxy Tab E




Sony Xperia Ion

Sony Xperia TL

Blackberry OS




BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Classic

Windows OS




Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 635

Nokia Lumia 830

Nokia 640 XL





HTC One W8


*The AT&T Mobile Transfer app supports transfer of your contacts, photos, music, and videos from this multi-carrier device to your new AT&T device.

Older devices not shown here are not currently supported, but may be added soon.

Can I use AT&T Mobile Transfer if I am a new AT&T customer?

Yes, new customers can also take advantage of the Mobile Transfer app.

Note: Both the old phone and the new phone must be compatible to complete the transfer using the AT&T Mobile Transfer app. Check compatibility

Non-AT&T or Acquisition customers may also download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore, but cannot use the text option.


How do I back up my contacts, pictures, music, and videos to transfer to a new phone?

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Check to see if both phones are compatible.

  2. Text TRANSFER to 6565, or search the Amazon Appstore, Google Play, or the Apple App Store for “AT&T Mobile Transfer” from the old phone. If you text, you will receive a text message back with the link to download the Mobile Transfer app.

  3. Follow steps 1–2 with your new phone, and then follow the prompts to complete the transfer of your contacts, pictures, music, and videos.


Note: If you have deactivated your old phone, you can still use AT&T Mobile Transfer. Connect the old phone to the Internet via Wi-Fi to download and install AT&T Mobile Transfer, and then follow the on-screen directions.

What kind of data can be transferred using the AT&T Mobile Transfer app?

AT&T Mobile Transfer can be used to transfer your device contacts, photos, videos, music, call logs, SMS, MMS, and documents.

Note: Not all music and video formats are supported on all devices. Only DRM-free* music can be transferred. iPhone® video cannot be played by Android™ phones.

  1. iOS® allows the transfer of contacts, pictures, and video.

  2. Android allows the transfer of contacts, pictures, video, documents, music, and SMS, MMS, and call logs.

  3. Amazon Fire allows the transfer of contacts, pictures, video, documents, music, and SMS, MMS, and call logs.

*DRM: Digital Rights Management

How do I transfer music from my old iPhone to a different smartphone?

To transfer your iPhone music to your new phone, just follow these steps:

  1. Tether your non-iOS smartphone to your computer, where your music is accessible via iTunes.

  2. Use Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) to find your music files.

  3. Drag and drop your selected music files onto your new smartphone.

How do I transfer music from a different type of phone to my new iPhone?

To transfer your music to your new iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Start iTunes on your PC or Mac.

  2. Tether your old smartphone to your computer.

  3. Add your music to your iTunes library.

  4. Sync your music library with your new phone.


Does AT&T Mobile Transfer move other content such as wallpaper or ringtones?

No, although wallpapers can be set once photos are transferred. Ringtones will need to be downloaded again.

How much content can I transfer?

Within an AT&T store, you are limited to 16GB of data transfer. But elsewhere, there is no limit to the amount of content you can transfer, as long as the Wi-Fi network allows it and there is enough storage space on your new device.

  1. Contacts: These do not count against the storage limit. Contacts from the address book will be transferred. Thumbnails attached to contacts will not be transferred. If the new phone does not support certain contact fields, those fields will not be transferred.

  2. All other content: If you have content that exceeds the storage limit, you can either deselect music, pictures, or videos before you transfer content, or delete unwanted files.

  3. MicroSD card: If your old phone has a MicroSD card, you can copy content to the memory card and transfer files by physically transferring the card. When you move from a 3D phone to a non-3D phone, the transfer of the 3D content may experience issues, due to limitations of the non-3D phone.

Can I use my phone while content is being transferred?

Yes, you can use the phone during the transfer; however, we recommend staying on the Mobile Transfer screen until the transfer is complete.

How long will it take to transfer my content?

There are several factors that affect the time to complete the transfer, including data size, connection speed, and individual file sizes, so download speeds will vary. The estimated completion time is provided, and the time updates while the transfer is occurring.

Do I have to transfer all my data in a single session?

No, you can complete multiple transfers.

Can I delete or uninstall the AT&T Mobile Transfer application after use?

Yes, AT&T Mobile Transfer can be deleted or uninstalled after your transfer is done.

What happens to the content on my old phone after the transfer is done? Will it be deleted?

No, the content on the old phone will not be deleted after the transfer is complete.

Is there a charge for the Mobile Transfer application?

No, the Mobile Transfer app is FREE and is intended for one-time use at the point of upgrade or a new phone purchase.

I installed and launched AT&T Mobile Transfer on my new phone first–can I still transfer content from my old phone?

Yes. Text the word TRANSFER to 6565 from the old phone, or search, the Amazon Appstore, or the Apple App Store for "AT&T Mobile Transfer." Then install and follow the instructions to pair the two devices for content transfer.

What if I completed the transfer but didn't receive all of my content?

If you find that your content was not transferred successfully, you can repeat the transfer process on both your old and new phones.

Note: To avoid duplicating your content, AT&T Mobile Transfer will only move data from the old phone that was not transferred the first time. This means that if you transfer contacts a second time, even though no new contacts were added to the original phone, then no data will be moved.

What should I do if my phone isn’t compatible with Mobile Transfer?

Use our Copy Contacts online tool, which includes easy step-by-step instructions. We’ll have your contacts transferred from your old phone to your new one in just a few moments.


*The AT&T Mobile Transfer app supports transfer of your contacts, photos, music, and videos from this multi-carrier device to your new AT&T device.

Older devices not shown here are not currently supported, but may be added soon.

This application is available for certain compatible phones. Standard data charges may apply. Please note, Wi-Fi provides a fast, seamless connection at home, in the office, and in thousands of hotspots. Using Wi-Fi is convenient and helps you save on your mobile data usage. View the AT&T Mobile Transfer End User Licensing Agreement at