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During the ordering process, you will be given options for installation. There are occasions where the option of a self-installation may not be available. In cases where AT&T U-verse TV is being ordered or the home has a monitored home alarm or medical equipment, a professional AT&T technician must be dispatched to complete the installation. In these instances a kit will not be shipped directly to you. Our qualified technician will deliver it personally when they come to your home. For customers who have a technician install AT&T U-verse, billing will begin when the installation is complete. Once you've placed your online order, visit Installation Central for helpful information. Let us walk you through your AT&T U-verse installation so you know what to do ahead of time and what you can expect on installation day.


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During the ordering process, you will be given the option of going full-service with a technician installation. Schedule an appointment when it's convenient for you. A qualified technician will visit your location to set up your equipment and ensure you're up and running, as well as answer any questions you may have. (The technician will bring all the necessary equipment to your home on the day of your appointment.)

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Standard professional installation is free. Custom installation is available for an extra fee.

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Home Phone

When you order Home Phone service from AT&T, normally the work is taken care of in the AT&T Central Office. A technician visit may be required in some circumstances. You will, however, be notified if this situation is applicable to your order, and appropriate arrangements will be made.

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AT&T ConnecTech®

Expert technical support from AT&T

AT&T ConnecTech® is a fee-based technical support service for computers, home networks, and other consumer electronics. AT&T ConnecTech services are even available for problems with non-AT&T products or services, regardless of whether you are using them with your AT&T Dial or AT&T High Speed Internet. The AT&T ConnecTech teams of expert technicians are skilled in Windows and Mac operating systems, networking, complicated virus and spyware removal, and much more. Visit the AT&T ConnecTech website at or call 1-800-344-1734 for more information.

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