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Why should I consider AT&T U-verse® service over another provider's service?
There are lots of reasons why. See all the benefits of AT&T U-verse TV, High Speed Internet, and Voice.

Is there an activation fee for AT&T U-verse service?
Yes, there are activation fees for both digital TV and Internet. The activation fee is $49 each. However, if you order an AT&T U-verse TV/High Speed Internet bundle, the fee is only charged once. If you order AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet online, the Internet activation fee is waived. Shopping online definitely has its advantages.

Is there an installation fee for AT&T U-verse service?
Professional standard installation is included with most packages when you order AT&T U-verse TV. Installation charges may apply if you order AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet and/or AT&T U-verse Voice without AT&T U-verse TV, and choose professional installation. In many instances, the installation charges for AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet and/or AT&T U-verse Voice can be avoided by opting to install these services yourself. If self-installation is a choice you made during the ordering process, we will ship you a convenient Self-Installation Kit with all the hardware and directions you will need to be up and running very soon!

What is Total Home DVR®?
Total Home DVR is a digital video recorder for your entire home that's included with most packages. You can:

  • Record up to four shows at once on a single DVR
  • Record and play back your shows in any room from a single DVR
  • Pause, fast-forward, and rewind recorded shows on any TV in your home
  • Pause your recorded show in one room and pick it up in another
  • Play the same recorded shows on different TVs at one time and control them separately
  • Store up to 233 hours of SD or 65 hours of HD content with our larger-capacity DVR – included with AT&T U-verse U300 and U450 TV packages
  • Program your DVR remotely from your computer or mobile phone

One DVR is all you need for the whole house!

Do I need a receiver for each TV?
Yes, you will need a receiver for each TV that is connected to AT&T U-verse service. One HD-ready DVR receiver is included at no additional charge with most plans; all of our receivers are HD-ready. Up to 7 additional receivers can be added for $10/mo each. Access to HD requires an additional $10 per month. 




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