Frequently asked questions

Start here if you’re ready to move your other AT&T services. If you need to move your Lifeline service, you’ll find all the details at

You don’t need to cancel your AT&T services when you move. In fact, it’s easier to just move your service to a new address. You can transfer AT&T services locally or, if you're moving farther, use our online app to make the move. For information on all of your options, visit

It takes only a few minutes online to move your AT&T services or to order new AT&T services for your new address. You can select an installation date that is convenient for you. Within 24 hours of letting us know about your move, you will receive an email to confirm your AT&T services at your new home and your installation date.

You can choose from all of the products available at your new address, along with any promotional pricing, and you may make selections based on your needs.


You may be able to keep your telephone number when you move. After you place a new AT&T service order or submit a move order for a new address, we will let you know if you can keep your existing telephone number or help you to choose a new one.

Usually there is no charge to switch services to your new address. If you are moving U-verse® TV service, professional standard installation is included at no additional charge. Installation includes an AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway and connection of at least one computer and any additional devices connected to your gateway. Installation also includes the use of existing, or if required, new wiring for the first three TV receivers in your home. To connect more than three TV receivers or new computers, additional charges will apply based on labor and materials needed. U-verse TV service can support up to 8 total TV receivers; one receiver per TV is required.

There is no charge for transferring other AT&T services unless you change your service level or equipment 


If you are moving U-verse TV service, an installation technician will need to come to your new home, but there is no additional charge. If you are moving other services, you may be able to self-install them.

If you are not keeping the same services at your new address, you will need to return the equipment. For more information on returning your equipment, please visit our Support site at For other AT&T services, you may take your equipment with you if you plan to keep the same services.