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Easy access to everything

Connect to your favorite entertainment, wirelessly, from virtually anywhere in your home:

  • Stream live HD and SD programming
  • Watch U-verse Movies and Pay-Per-View
  • Access Applications, Multiviews, Channel Guide, Total Home DVR® Menu, and other features


Flexible entertainment

AT&T U-verse® TV Wireless Receiver

No TV outlet? No problem. Now you have the freedom to place
your TV where you want, regardless of where existing TV
outlets are located. Watch cooking shows in the kitchen or
movies by the pool. Tailgate with your favorite team on the
patio. Watch virtually anywhere in your home.

  Where will you watch?

  The answers may surprise you.

Get the U-verse TV Wireless Receiver

For a limited time, we'll waive the $49 fee* for new customers ordering the U300 package or higher** - which includes a larger-capacity Total Home DVR®!

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Easy setup

It’s so simple. The U-verse Wireless Receiver connects to your TV and plugs into any power outlet in your home. We include a wireless signal strength indicator to help you zero in on the best place to position the receiver in the room. You’re ready to watch your favorite shows wherever you want.

  Set up your receiver

  Anywhere TV is just a few
  steps away.


Setup requirements

To set up your new Wireless Receiver, you'll need:

  1. Wireless service from your Wireless Access Point to the
    Wireless Receiver
  2. A power outlet and connection from the Wireless Receiver
    to your TV

Please note: There's a limit of two Wireless Receivers per household.

Stay in the know! Sign up for updates on hot deals & new products

* Wireless Receiver: A one-time fee of $49 and a monthly recurring fee of $9 per wireless receiver apply. Wireless from the Wireless Access Point to the Wireless Receiver; power outlet and separate connection of Wireless Receiver to TV is required. For residential use in a single household only. Limit of 2 Wireless Receivers per household. Customer responsible for use of Wireless Receiver. Actual range of wireless signal will vary and may be limited by several factors including, but not limited to electromagnetic interference, home construction material, obstructions, and other environmental factors.

** Upfront Fee for Wireless Receiver Waived for customers ordering U300 and higher. Offer ends June 20, 2015.