Locate your family at any time for a monthly fee on your AT&T bill

$9.99 per month subscription charged on your AT&T wireless bill for this application to locate up to two family members on your AT&T account or $14.99 per month to locate up to five family members. Cancel at any time*. Existing AT&T FamilyMap customers can use it on the Apple iPhone simply by downloading the application from the App Store.

Get peace of mind by conveniently locating your child or family member on a map from your Apple iPhone or computer (AT&T FamilyMap is currently not supported on the iPad.)

AT&T FamilyMap allows you to:

  • See a map that shows your child's location and landmarks you define like your child's school, parks, or their friend's house - so you can verify that she arrived at soccer practice;
  • Schedule and receive text and email alerts; for example receive a text message at 3:30 PM each day to confirm that your child arrived home from school on time; and
  • Locate your teenage driver without distracting him in the car with a call or text message

AT&T FamilyMap is compatible with your Apple iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and Original iPhone using 3.0 or greater software.

AT&T FamilyMap is secure and private. Only authorized users have permission to locate a family member.

If purchasing through the myWireless app, you will receive a confirmation text message and an text message with instructions for installing and configuring your AT&T FamilyMap account.

*Note: Deleting the app from your iPhone does not stop the monthly subscription charge. To cancel, visit http://www.att.com/directbill and follow the instructions provided or by calling AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500. If you call Customer Care, please enter the phone number that signed up for the AT&T FamilyMap service, press 0 for more options, and then select GPS Services in the automated menu to route your call appropriately. Service availability, timeliness or accuracy is not guaranteed. Coverage not available in all areas.

** AT&T FamilyMap is compatible with the Original iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S running iOS 3. The iPhone 4 and iOS 4 are not fully compatible at this time. The application could experience some instability when a user presses the location icon of a family member for an extended period.

AT&T FamilyMap uses a number of techniques to determine a phone's location. AT&T phones that have A-GPS (Assisted GPS) return the most accurate locations when they have a clear line of sight to GPS satellites. For example, the phone is outside or is in a car near a window. For phones where A-GPS is not available, FamilyMap uses cell tower information to triangulate your location and provide the most accurate location possible, which is usually within a few hundred yards to a few miles of the phone's actual location. This includes iPhones, non A-GPS phones, as well as A-GPS phones that are not in a clear line of sight to GPS satellites.

What's New in Version 1.1i

  • Enhanced stability

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