GoPhone® E911 Information

E911-Related Charges* on GoPhone Accounts

E911 fees are charges imposed on the customer pursuant to state or local law to finance Enhanced 911 services in a particular jurisdiction. AT&T is required to impose these fees on its customers and to remit the collected fees to the relevant governmental bodies. The proceeds from these fees are generally used to recover state or local government costs related to building and operating enhanced 911 services.

*AT&T may also be required by state or local law to impose other charges against its customers to finance other regulatory mandates. To the extent AT&T is required to impose these charges against its customers and remit the collections to the state or local governments, it shall do so in accordance with the law.

Monthly Charges

Some E911 fees are based on prepaid usage and are deducted from the customer account balance each month. The following E911 fees are taken out of the balance of the GoPhone account each month pursuant to applicable state or local law.

State Description Flat Fee Per Month Day Of The Month
Massachusetts 911 Service Fee $1.00 2nd
Nevada Local 911 Service Fee $0.25 2nd
Puerto Rico Emergency Svc Charg $0.50 Fee taken on day of month service was activated: (i.e. if service was activated on 1/12; first fee will be deducted on 2/12)

Point of Sale/Time of Replenishment Charges

Legislation has recently passed in several states and is being considered in other locations to assess the E911 fee on prepaid at retail point of sale. This means that the fee is charged each time the customer purchases a prepaid card/pin or replenishes their prepaid account. Additionally, the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) has adopted a resolution that recommends states adopt this point of sale methodology.

The following E911 fees are assessed at point of sale/time of replenishment:

State Description Fee Amount Effective Date
Alabama AL State 911 Service Fee $1.75 8/1/2014
Arizona AZ State 911 Service Fee 0.8% 1/1/2014
Arkansas AR State 911 Service Fee $0.65 1/1/2014
California Prepaid MTS Surcharge Varies 1/1/2016
Chicago, Illinois Chicago E911 Service Fee 9% 10/1/2014
Colorado CO State 911 Service Fee 1.4% 1/1/2011
CO Telecom Relay Service 0.1% 9/1/2016
Connecticut CT Prepaid Wireless E911 Fee $0.47 7/1/2016
Delaware DE Prepaid Wireless e911 srchg $0.60 1/1/2015
Florida FL Prepaid Wireless e911 fee $0.40 1/1/2015
Georgia GA State 911 Service Fee $0.75 1/1/2012
Idaho ID State 911 Service Fee 2.5% 1/1/2014
Illinois IL State 911 Service Fee 3% 10/1/2015
IL Telecom Relay Service 0.07% 7/1/2016
Indiana IN State 911 Service Fee $1.00 7/1/2012
Iowa IA State 911 Service Fee $0.51 11/1/2013
Kansas KS State 911 Service Fee 1.2% 10/1/2015
Kentucky KY PREPAID WIRELESS E911 FEE $0.93 per transaction 1/1/2017
Louisiana LA State 911 Service Charge 2% 1/1/2010
Maine ME Prepaid Wireless Fee $1.01 1/1/2015
Maryland MD State 911 Service Fee $0.60 7/1/2013
Michigan MI State 911 Service Fee 1.92% 1/1/2013
Minnesota MN State E911 & TAM Fee $1.02 1/1/2016
Mississippi MS State 911 Service Fee $1.00 7/1/2010
Nebraska NE Prepaid Wireless Surcharge 1.0% 1/1/2014
New Hampshire NE State 911 Service Fee $0.75 1/1/2016
North Carolina NC State 911 Service Fee $0.60 7/1/2013
North Dakota ND State 911 Service Fee 2.0% 1/1/2014
Ohio OH State 911 Service Fee 0.5% 1/1/2014
Oklahoma OK State 911 Service Fee $0.50 7/1/2011
Oregon OR State 911 Service Fee $0.75 10/1/2015
Pennsylvania PA State 911 Service Fee $1.65 8/1/2015
Rhode Island RI State 911 Service Fee 2.5% 8/1/2010
South Carolina SC State 911 Service Fee $0.62 6/1/2014
South Dakota SD State 911 Service Fee 2% 7/1/2012
Tennessee TN Prepaid Wireless e911 Fee $1.16 1/1/2015
Texas TX State 911 Service Fee 2% 6/1/2010
Utah UT State 911 Service Fee 1.9% 7/1/2011
Virgin Islands VI E911 Service Fee $1.00 10/1/2011
Virginia VA State 911 Service Fee $0.50 1/1/2011
Washington State 911 Service Fee $0.25 1/1/2014
County 911 Service Fee $0.70 1/1/2014
Wisconsin WI Police & Fire Protection Fee $0.38 9/1/2009
Wyoming WY Prepaid Wireless E911 Fee 1.5% 7/1/2016
District of Columbia DC E-9-1-1 Service Fee 2% 10/1/2010
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