AT&T International Day Pass®


Daily Fee

$10 for each 24-hour period you use your phone in an included country

Countries Included

Available in over 100 countries

Cruise ship and airline usage is not included

Don’t see the country you’re traveling to? Check out AT&T Passport.


Unlimited from International Day Pass countries:

  • To the U.S.
  • To other International Day Pass countries




High-speed data from the plan you use at home


AT&T International Day Pass®:

Eligibility: Compatible device with eligible domestic postpaid wireless plan required.

Adding to your device: Once you add this option to your device, International Day Pass (IDP) will stay on your line until you remove it at or by calling 800.335.4685. Business customers can remove it using self-service ( or, as applicable), by calling 800.331.0500, or by contacting their AT&T account representative.

Daily fee: The first time you use data, make or receive a call, or send a text message in an IDP country, you’ll automatically be charged a $10 daily fee. Text messages received are rated as domestic and do not trigger a daily fee. The fee covers additional data, calls, and text messages for 24 hours from the initial use in any IDP country. You’ll be charged an additional $10 fee for all subsequent 24-hour periods in which you use data, make or receive a call, or send a text message in an IDP country unless you remove IDP. For a list of IDP countries, go to

Incidental data usage: Apps on your device use data even when you may not be aware. Such usage may trigger the $10 daily fee. To avoid unintended use of IDP, turn off cellular data roaming in your device settings or put your device in airplane mode.

Data: Data will be drawn from your domestic plan allowance. If your domestic plan includes Stream Saver®, it will apply to your international package or feature. See for more details. Data overage: If you go over the amount of data in your qualified plan, overage charges or data speed reduction of up to 128Kbps applies in accordance with the terms of your domestic plan. If your data speed is slowed, all your data use, including audio and video streaming, picture and video messaging, and other types of data use, will be impacted and may not work.

Unlimited talk: For phones only. Includes cellular calls received in IDP countries and dialed from IDP countries to the U.S. and to other IDP countries. If your domestic plan does not include unlimited talk, minutes of use will be drawn from your domestic voice plan allowance and domestic overage charges may apply. Turn Wi-Fi Calling “off” in your device settings to avoid charges for calls dialed to IDP countries. Calls to non-IDP countries: Calls from IDP countries to non-IDP countries will incur International Long Distance (ILD) charges. Pay-per-use rates apply unless your domestic plan includes these countries or you add an ILD package to your device. Rates subject to change without notice. For details, go to

Unlimited text: For phones only. Applies only to AT&T Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and not to other messaging services or applications like iMessage. Messages received are rated as domestic and do not trigger a daily fee.

Service restrictions: Not available for wireless home phone services, connected vehicles, or connected devices. Pay-per-use international rates will apply. International use aboard cruise ships and airlines is not included.

Mexico and Canada: You will not be charged a daily fee in Mexico or Canada if you have a domestic plan that includes usage in Mexico or Canada.

AT&T Passport®: For devices with International Day Pass (IDP) and an active AT&T Passport package, IDP charges will apply in IDP countries and usage in IDP countries will not diminish the Passport data allowance or trigger Passport calling charges. If you prefer to use Passport in an IDP country, you must remove IDP.

Pay-per-use rates: Apply when traveling in countries not included in IDP and/or when you have not added a package.

General: Subject to Wireless Customer Agreement at or, for business customers, the applicable wireless service agreement. Availability, quality of coverage, and services while roaming are not guaranteed. Additional restrictions may apply.

Other monthly charges per device: May include applicable taxes, federal and state universal service charges, Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.50), gross receipts surcharge, administrative fee, and other government assessments (including without limitation a property tax allotment surcharge applied to business customers per corporate responsibility user’s assigned number), which are not government-required charges. Feature can't be resold or used for fraudulent purposes. Pricing, fees, promotions, and terms subject to change and may be modified, terminated, or discontinued at any time without notice.