AT&T Passport®

One-time charge

$70 for 30 days

Countries Included

Available in over 200 countries
Cruise ship and airline usage is not included






Overage: $30/GB

AT&T Passport®

Eligibility: Compatible device with domestic postpaid wireless service required. Charges: One-time charge applies on a per-device basis. One-time charge packages are valid for 30 days beginning on the purchase date, may cross 2 bill cycles, and expire automatically. Packages will not be prorated if canceled on or after the effective date. Packages canceled prior to the effective date will not incur the charge.

Countries: Includes talk, text, and data coverage in over 200 countries listed at Coverage not available in all areas. Countries and rates are subject to change without notice. Mexico & Canada: If you have a domestic plan that includes Mexico or Canada, usage in these countries will not diminish the Passport data allowance or bill Passport calling charges.

Data: Actual data speeds vary by device and location. If your domestic plan includes Stream Saver®, or reduces video streaming speed, the same will apply to your Passport package. Data overage: If you use all your Passport package data, we'll automatically add more data at $30 per GB.

Talk: For phones only. Per-minute charge applies to all cellular calls dialed and accepted in Passport countries. 

Wi-Fi Calling: With Wi-Fi Calling, you can call back to the U.S. at no additional charge. Calls to other countries, including the country you're in, are billed at international long distance rates, found at To be billed the Passport calling rate, turn Wi-Fi Calling off in your device settings.

Unlimited text: For phones only. Applies only to AT&T Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and not to other messaging services or applications that use data, such as iMessage. Unless you have a domestic plan that includes unlimited text, messages received will be charged at your domestic messaging rates.

International Day Pass®: For devices with an active AT&T Passport package and International Day Pass (IDP), IDP charges will apply in IDP countries and usage in IDP countries will not diminish the Passport data allowance or bill Passport calling charges. If you prefer to use Passport in an IDP country, you must remove IDP.

Pay-per-use rates: Apply when package expires, when traveling in countries not included in Passport, and/or when you have not added a package.

Service restrictions: International use aboard cruise ships and airlines is not included. Not available for wireless home phone services, connected vehicles, or connected devices. Pay-per-use international rates, found at, will apply.

General: Subject to Wireless Customer Agreement at or, for business and government customers, the applicable wireless service agreement. Availability, quality of coverage, and services while roaming are not guaranteed. Additional restrictions may apply.