Rollover Data—no additional cost for AT&T Mobile Share AdvantageSM customers

When you’re on a Mobile Share Advantage plan, you automatically will receive Rollover Data.1 With Rollover Data, unused plan data rolls over for use in the next month.

You can see the amount of any available Rollover Data each month on your AT&T bill. You can also check your Rollover Data balance online or with the myAT&T app.2


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AT&T Mobile Share AdvantageSM FAQ

Rollover Data is a benefit on our Mobile Share Advantage plans (and existing customers on Mobile Share Value plans) where unused data from your monthly plan allowance rolls over for one billing period. Rollover Data is used only after the full plan data allowance for the current bill cycle is used. Once you exceed your plan’s current allowance, plus any available other data allotments, you’ll automatically start using your available Rollover Data. There’s no cap on the amount of unused plan data within a given month that’s eligible for rollover. However, Rollover Data automatically expires after one billing period, and unused Rollover Data won’t carry over to the following month. 

Mobile Share Advantage example: If you have our 10GB AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plan and only use 6GB, you’ll roll over 4GB (your Rollover Data balance) to the next month for a total of 14GB to be used within the next month.

Rollover Data is shareable by all lines on the same plan. For example, if you have four lines for your family on a 10GB Mobile Share Advantage Plan and only use 6GB in a given month, you’ll roll over 4GB and have a total of 14 GB available to use within the next month, which can be used across all four lines on your plan. This gives you and your family the extra data you may need to do the things you love, like surfing the Web, watching videos, listening to your favorite music, or sending email.

Rollover Data is consumed only after the full data allotment for your Mobile Share Advantage plan plus any other data allotments in the current bill cycle are used. Once you exceed your data allotments, you’ll automatically start using your available Rollover Data.

No, Rollover Data is a feature included with Mobile Share Advantage plans. As long as you remain on a Mobile Share Advantage plan, you’re eligible to receive Rollover Data. However, if you change the data allotments of your plan, you’ll lose the current Rollover Data balance, but you can start again and accrue new Rollover Data on your new plan.

There’s no additional cost for Rollover Data. It’s an included benefit with all AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plans. If you’re an AT&T Mobile Share Advantage customer, whether consumer or business, you’ll be enrolled automatically. 

Rollover Data is available on Mobile Share Value plans but not Mobile Share or Data-only Mobile Share plans.

Your Rollover Data balance will be listed on your wireless bill and in your myAT&T app.

You can view your Rollover Data balance online at myAT&T or on your wireless statement. Download the myAT&T app by texting myatt to 8758.

Rollover Data expires after one billing cycle, when you change your plan (including changing your data amount), or when your account or plan is terminated.

No. Adding, upgrading, or removing devices to/from your existing plan doesn’t affect Rollover Data.

Here are some examples of device changes where you keep your Rollover Data:

- You add a new device (phone, tablet, hotspot, etc.) to your existing Mobile Share Advantage plan.

- You upgrade a device that's on your existing Mobile Share Advantage plan.

- You remove a device from your existing Mobile Share Advantage plan.

1Rollover Data on Mobile Share AdvantageSM plans: Unused data from the monthly plan allowance rounds up and carries over for one bill cycle. Unused Rollover Data automatically expires after one billing period or with any plan change (such as changing data amounts or termination). Unused overage data does not roll over. Rollover Data is used after your monthly plan allowance. Unused Rollover Data is not redeemable for cash or credit and is not transferable. For information on prepaid plans with Rollover Data, visit

2myAT&T app: Compatible device and online account required. Data and messaging rates may apply for download and app usage.