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Our consulting services will help you understand technology trends and how mobility solutions can add value to your business processes.

Mobile Device Lifecycle Solutions

We specialize in creating, deploying, and supporting enterprise mobility solutions, including:

  • Mobile device integration and rollout
  • User account setup
  • Application loading
  • QA operational testing
  • End-to-end project management

AT&T Mobility Solutions Services

Streamline your business transition to mobility solutions, and confidently deploy any size mobility project with help from AT&T. For more information, read the AT&T Mobility Solutions Services product brief.

Mobile Application Solutions

Companies seek AT&T as a trusted advisor to assist them with the design, building, deployment, management, and support of their mobile applications. To learn more about these solutions and their features, read The Power of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform.


Communicate fast across multiple platforms with AT&T Mobility Solutions Services.

Mobility Consulting in Roadmap and Strategy

A mobility strategy from AT&T can help align technology investments with your overall corporate goals:

  • Identify opportunities that can benefit from mobility technologies.
  • Develop reference architectures that create high-level business case and ROI models.
  • Develop a governance process to better manage mobility solutions.

Mobile Network & Technology Transformation Solutions

  • See potential infrastructure cost reduction.
  • Reduce cabling costs.
  • Get support for mobile devices.
  • Help maximize infrastructure by supporting multiple applications.

Application Service Desk

  • Leverage AT&T for triage, support, instructions, and FAQs.
  • Get the standard warranty included with all application and solution deployments.
  • Choose between three tiers of annual support package options, each with varying levels of response times, support hours, and access to subject matter experts.

Mobile Application Solutions

AT&T can help your business develop and build a mobility solution customized for your needs and goals:

  • Create a systems requirement document.
  • Architect and develop system and data design.
  • Build user interfaces and develop applications on the selected platform.
  • Provide support options and packages for the mobile solutions and applications we develop.

Managed Enterprise Mobility Services

AT&T can provide a full suite of mobile device management (MDM) services, including:

  • Workshops prior to the selection of your solution
  • Product licenses
  • Hosting and on-premises models
  • Project management support
  • Configuration and implementation services

Support from AT&T

AT&T can:

  • Provide on-site customer training to new IT employees.
  • Manage the WLAN infrastructure 24/7.
  • Act as the third level of engineering support.

Device Lifecycle

AT&T solutions can include:

  • Device asset services - inventory and spare parts management
  • Device protection - device repair or replacement
  • Device upgrades/refresh - deployment of new technologies and improved devices

Mobile Device Solutions

  • Reduce the risk of investment and deployment with the experience, scale, and global reach of AT&T.
  • Get flexible deployment options and low cost of ownership.
  • Simplify vendor management and let AT&T manage device deployment, warranty service, and reverse logistics.
  • Decrease implementation time.

Managed Service Components

  • Move, add, change, and disconnect administration
  • Service optimization
  • Service on-boarding
  • Installation, configuration, and training
  • Annual system health check

Flexible Solutions

AT&T consultants can identify opportunities for mobility technologies and establish an overall strategy that covers solutions for:

  • Business to consumer (B2C)
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Business to enterprise (B2E)

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to stay competitive, a growing number of businesses are investing in wireless and mobility solutions. As CIOs and other C-Level Officers develop mobility strategies for their companies, challenges will rise. AT&T provides complete end-to-end mobility solutions, allowing you to leverage our expertise, successfully navigate the mobility landscape, and mitigate the risks.

Increasing productivity, improving the customer experience, and enabling management to make informed decisions based on the latest data are just some of the benefits that companies derive from adopting mobility solutions.

Current trends have a significant impact on enterprise mobility and the decisions that CIOs must make. Trends to consider include:

Pace of play. The pace at which new devices are being adopted by users and, consequently, introduced into the enterprise, is increasing exponentially.

"Consumerization of IT". Consumers are bringing their own experiences and expectations of how solutions should be designed within the enterprise space, leading to what is now called the "consumerization of IT" phenomenon.

Range of devices. While smartphones are being adopted at an increasing rate, around half of mobile devices in use today are still the more basic feature phones. Enterprises need to adopt a strategy that caters to a wide range of devices, with solutions that are designed to interact with feature phones to tablets and still provide the required functionality.

Mobility is allowing enterprises to develop innovative ways to serve their customers and enabling them to reach more customers with more services.

An effective mobility solution will allow customers to easily access your company's services using their mobile devices, leading to increased customer satisfaction. In order to stay competitive, businesses today must address the consumer’s demand for mobility.

The impact of mobility on business processes and corporate, financial, and regulatory obligations needs to be fully understood and managed. For example, you must ensure that mobile access to internal data doesn’t result in unauthorized use of the data; corporate data is separated and protected from personal data; mobility investments made today won’t become obsolete due to rapidly changing technology; and mobility projects are prioritized to derive maximum benefits.

You must also determine how to leverage investments in the corporate WLAN network so your company will have mobile access to enterprise applications that can increase employee productivity.

To successfully mobilize, you should first develop a comprehensive mobility strategy that clearly defines your goals. Your strategy should align with the overall corporate goals; be scalable and capable of supporting future growth; drive all mobility initiatives and set minimum standards that different business units can follow; and ensure that all investments and initiatives can be leveraged across the enterprise.

Our consultants can assist you in developing a strategy that will allow help your company keep pace with the evolution in mobility technology, while delivering increased productivity and revenue.

You need to consider several important points in order to successfully implement your company’s mobility strategy, including:

  • Should the required resources and infrastructure be developed in house or outsourced?
  • What tools, skills, and capabilities does my IT organization need to develop or acquire?
  • What devices should the solutions support?
  • How can I ensure that mobility won’t negatively impact corporate data security policies?
  • Should the solutions be hosted internally or externally?

Your mobility solution should be designed to support multiple access channels and needs to incorporate industry UI and UX best practices from a mobile perspective. A comprehensive, enterprise-wide strategy requires the development of a mobile solution that’s compatible with technologies already in place; improves productivity by leveraging existing information systems; can evolve along with the underlying technology; and uses tools for developing and designing applications that can be deployed across different mobile devices and mobile OS platforms.

The MSS Application Development and Systems Integration team is responsible for design, construction, testing, release, and integration of mobile applications with the customer’s backend systems. We understand the nuances of solution design based on the user profile and can help you develop a strategy that fulfills your particular business requirements.

To ensure successful deployment of your company’s mobility solution, you should develop a process that’s simple and repeatable; aligns with the overall project plan; and takes advantage of automated deployment methodologies and tools for device loading and testing.

Every company requires its own unique mobility solution. MSS has developed large, multi-site deployment strategies and can help determine the right deployment strategy for your company. AT&T will help you achieve a smooth roll out of your mobility solutions by providing deployment services such as device procurement, staging and kitting, device shipping to your end users, and a post-deployment advance exchange program.

Once you’ve implemented the enterprise mobility solution, you need to establish a comprehensive process for supporting your mobile users, solutions, and devices. The support process needs to provide an efficient way to triage issues and an effective handoff process for quick resolution; include a tier-1 support staff trained on the hardware devices and solutions that they are supporting; and support corporate devices with an advanced exchange warranty process to minimize downtime.

AT&T provides comprehensive post deployment support through its Mobile Application Service Desk.

AT&T also reduces operational complexity through its Managed Services offerings that provide installation, license, hosting and support for MDM and MEAP platforms.

AT&T has extensive experience working with wireless and mobility technologies. Mobility services from AT&T can help accelerate and simplify the process of conceiving, developing, and deploying B2C, B2B, B2E, and M2M mobility solutions. Our end-to-end solutions enable you to successfully navigate the mobility landscape and mitigate the risks associated with integrating evolving and emerging technologies into your business processes.

Ask an AT&T business solutions expert how Mobility Solutions Services from AT&T can meet your needs today.