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Learn how successful businesses differentiate themselves by using Telenav Track to better manage their mobile workers and streamline the way they do business.

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Check in on your mobile workers at any time of day, and see what's happening in the field. Telenav Track helps you ensure quick and efficient delivery of goods and services to your customers.


Keep tabs on your team by monitoring employee time, job status, and service data. Telenav Track from AT&T helps make mobile workforce and asset management an affordable reality for businesses of all sizes.


  • Locate your mobile workforce via GPS at any time.
  • Collect timecards electronically.
  • Track mileage for individual workers.
  • Go paper-free by electronically dispatching jobs to the field.


  • View employees' locations, stop history, and status on a map.
  • View the status of a dispatched job in real time.
  • Track field personnel location using the GPS locater in their handsets.


Telenav Track from AT&T provides detailed reporting, giving you greater control of your business and workforce.

GPS Location Tracking

Find the mobile worker who's closest to a new job or customer location and dispatch faster. With GPS tracking, workers can get to job sites faster and with less fuel consumption.

Geofences and Alerts

Set up alerts to maintain tighter control over workers' activities. Alerts notify you if workers exceed the limits you set for speed, stop duration, geofence boundaries, and more.

Historical Activity Reporting

Identify inefficient activity, reduce overtime costs, and eliminate manual data entry by using dynamic reports. The information you need is at your fingertips.



Compatible GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets from AT&T with Telenav Track software installed.


Eligible AT&T wireless data plan


PC with Internet access



Telenav Track Standard is very affordable and can be added to your lines without a term contract. It can be purchased for as little as $12.99 per month per line. We frequently see businesses quickly recoup these costs and see a positive return on investment through reductions in fuel, labor, and insurance costs, and in reduced administrative data entry.

All Telenav Track solutions are Web-based and wireless. You can access the Telenav Track administrative console from any computer, laptop, or tablet running Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6.2 or later. Workers access the mobile software on their AT&T devices with a compatible data plan. For a complete list of supported phones and tablets, see Telenav Track from AT&T Compatible Device List.

Telenav Track uses GPS data provided by the phone, or, if GPS is unavailable, location may be determined through cell tower location. This data is reported at an interval that can be customized for each device—as frequently as every two minutes. In addition, location data is captured and reported with every action completed, such as submitting a wireless timecard, completing a wireless form, or picking up and completing a wireless work order.

Telenav Track is compatible with most Apple® iPhone® and iPad® versions, most Android phones and tablets, many BlackBerry® devices, as well as several feature phones. For a complete list of supported phones and tablets, see Telenav Track from AT&T Compatible Device List.