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AT&T All in One® Standard





Unlimited long distance and a local calling plan tailored for businesses that make under 500 minutes of local calls. No long-term commitment required.

Local Calling

  • Ideal for businesses that make under 500 minutes of local calls per month, per line.
  • Low flat rate for additional minutes over 500.
  • No peak or off-peak pricing. Call anytime of the day or night and enjoy the same low rate.

Unlimited Long Distance

  • Choose Regional or State to State long distance service. Or choose both. Same low flat rate—24/7.
  • Competitive flat rates for international long distance.
  • Term-based commitments are available for additional savings.

Long Distance Services

  • Regional Long Distance service covers calls to locations beyond your immediate calling area, but not far enough away to be considered state-to-state. Often called "local toll" or "IntraLATA."
  • State to State Long Distance service covers calls to locations outside your local or regional calling areas.


Low Cost Local Calling

The monthly service fee includes up to 500 minutes of local calling, and a low flat rate for additional minutes. The service grows with you.

Clear Connections

Make sure your customers can hear you clearly. And that you can hear and understand them.

Secure Web Access

View and print your monthly statements, make inquiries, contact customer support, change your service or billing address, and even download call details from your online AT&T statement to your PC.

Domestic Rates


In-State (InterLATA)*

Regional (IntraLATA)**





International Rates

With long distance, you can choose from two international rate plans. Standard international rate plans do not included a fixed monthly fee. International Intense rate plans offer reduced per-minute rates for a monthly recurring charge.


Standard Rate







United Kingdom




Local access and transport area (LATA) is a term in the U.S. for a geographic area covered by one or more local telephone companies.

*In-State (InterLATA) Service includes those calls that reach beyond your region (LATA), but not outside of your state.

**Regional (IntraLATA) Service covers those calls that reach beyond your immediate calling area, but are still within your region (LATA).

Rates are subject to change.

All rates are per minute. International rates apply to direct-dial international calls. International rates will vary for calls that terminate on a mobile phone or toll-free number. Rates are subject to change.