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Whether you're targeting a small niche or a broad base of customers, AT&T Email Marketing helps you track the effectiveness of your email campaign with real-time reporting and analysis.

Drag-and-Drop Design

Create professional-looking email messages with predesigned templates and drag-and-drop functionality. Just add your photos, logo, and content, and send. It's that easy!

Schedule Campaigns

Maybe you have an announcement or a special deal that starts on a certain date. With Email Marketing, you can schedule your email campaigns to launch on a specific day or at a specific time so that your announcement or special deal email arrives at the optimal time.

Track Results

With our tracking and analysis tools, you can see how many recipients open your message and how many click any links you may have included. When you know which customers are engaged and what they're interested in, you can revise your marketing activities more effectively.

AT&T Email Marketing Packages

Choose the package that best meets your needs, based on the number of contacts you require:

  • 250 contacts - $10.00
  • 1,000 contacts - $15.00
  • 2,500 contacts - $25.00
  • 5,000 contacts - $40.00
  • 10,000 contacts - $65.00


Contact Management Features

  • Import mailing lists.
  • Remove unsubscribed contacts.
  • Group your email contacts.
  • Automatically detect duplicate email addresses.
  • Add customer demographic fields.
  • Require recipients to opt in.

Email Sending Features

  • Send unlimited emails to your contacts.
  • Personalize messages.
  • Schedule when to send messages.
  • Test your email message.
  • Publish to your Facebook® and Twitter® accounts.

Email Message Creation Features

  • Create your campaign with the setup wizard.
  • Incorporate links in your messages.
  • Email message templates.
  • Unsubscribe footer message.
  • WYSIWYG preview.
  • Image hosting.

Email Reporting Features

  • Compare message reports
  • Export/Download reports


  • Click-through tracking.
  • Sent emails.
  • Delivered/undeliverable feedback.
  • Bounced emails.
  • Unsubscribed contacts.

Domain Registration

A personalized domain helps customers find you online and shows them you're serious about your business and customer service. With our easy-to-use domain management dashboard, you can update and manage customer and administration details as well as domain billing and technical contact information.



Yes. For tools to upload files from your existing website, select an AT&T Website plan or an AT&T Build It For Me℠ plan. You will need to point your existing domain name to AT&T. We're available at 888.WEB.HOST (888.932.4678) to walk you through the process.

Yes. You need to point your existing domain name to our name servers. Within 24 hours, your domain will be associated with your new AT&T services. We're available at 888.WEB.HOST (888.932.4678) to walk you through the process.

No, there are no limits to the amount of traffic you can receive or the storage. AT&T Website plans and AT&T Build It For Me℠ design plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth so you don’t need to worry about allocations. To see if AT&T is the right host for your website, view our Acceptable Use Policy.

Yes. AT&T Website Plan - Premium and AT&T Build It For Me℠ - Premium both include the option to host an online store. You can set up your store on your own, or have our professional design team set up your storefront including shipping, currency, taxes, and payment gateways. Click the Features tab for each plan to learn more about your options.

No. We know that you're here to conduct business, so our tools are designed with the non-technical user in mind. Most design tools have drag-and-drop and functionality similar to popular desktop software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher. We've made it easy for you and your employees to fully manage a professional online business.

All self-design and professional design plans include tools to optimize your website for search engines and also submit it to popular search engines for ranking consideration. Select plans also have tools to promote your business on popular online business directories, and you can create email newsletters that encourage repeat traffic from your customers.

Yes. The email found in the AT&T Website plans, AT&T Build It For Me℠ plan, and AT&T Business Class Email℠ plan is fully compatible with most popular email software such as Microsoft Outlook®. Details are included in the email setup tools within the control panel.