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Automated Backup

With Backup and Go, your PC or Mac data is backed up automatically to the cloud. There’s no limit to how much of your PC or Mac’s data you can store. If your PC or Mac is lost or stolen, or if files are corrupted, you’ll know they’re stored in a highly protected environment.

Remote and Mobile Access

Get remote, mobile access to your backed-up files from most Web‐connected devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. View or download data, and send links to files or folders for sharing. Just about wherever you go, your business goes with you.

Data Restoration

If you ever need data restored—due to hardware failure, theft, or just because you bought a new computer—we'll pull your backed-up files down for you. Our technicians are available to help you with your backup needs 24/7.


Want to empower collaboration? Upgrade to our Backup and Go Premium service. It lets you create your own online project workspace and invite team members to work together on documents.



AT&T Tech Support 360SM Backup and Go offers hassle-free online data backup with unlimited storage per computer. Key features of the service include:

  • Automatic, continuous, and unlimited online data backup of data from your PC or Mac®.
  • Remote access to backed-up data from most Web-enabled computers, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Ability to share documents and collaborate with designated team members.
  • 24/7 live remote U.S.-based technical support.
  • Highly secured Mac and PC files that go beyond continuous backup.
    • You can search and view documents on most Web-connected devices.
    • Documents are displayed for optimized and easy viewing, taking into account the connection speed and display size.
    • You can also add comments to documents or send anyone a link to them.
    • Older versions of files are stored for up to 30 days.

For more information about this product, visit our Backup and Go product page.

Backup and Go provides unlimited backup, mobile access, and some document sharing features. Upgrade to a Premium account if you want to enhance your productivity and take advantage of the full range of collaboration features, especially if you work as part of a team.


The Backup and Go Premium subscription includes all the features in the Back and Go subscription, plus the ability to:

  • Create project teams and online project workspaces for collaboration.
  • Create guest accounts that can access authorized project workspaces.
  • Share files among team members.
  • Email files directly from online storage to any recipient.
  • Print or fax (requires e-fax subscription) stored documents from any computer.
  • Maintain older versions of files with version control for up to six months.

Each team member should have a separate subscription, or purchase guest privileges, for an additional charge. Team members are part of the same account/company. (Users from different companies/accounts cannot be part of a team.)

If you are a Backup and Go subscriber, you can get technical support by calling AT&T Tech Support 360SM Customer Care at 1-877-888-7360. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also set up an appointment by logging in to your Tech Support 360 account.

Our technician can help you with questions or problems you may have with Backup and Go. Whether it's installation of backup software agents, setup and configuration, or restoration of data, our remote technicians are here to help. With your permission, they can remotely view your computer screen to troubleshoot and assist with any problem.

Backup and Go is designed with the following security features:

  • Advanced Encryption. 256-bit AES SSL encryption is used to protect your data while it is being transferred between your computer and online storage—more than the 128-bit encryption used in online banking transactions. Once your data is at one of our data centers, it is re-encrypted using 256-bit AES and unique rotating keys for the best possible protection while in storage.
  • Physical Security. All Backup and Go servers are maintained in highly secured and guarded data centers that are SSAE 16 Type II compliant for security and availability. Plans and procedures to cover virtually all aspects of security are in place and are regularly reviewed, tested, and updated. Within each data center, your data is mirrored on multiple RAID 6 storage units to protect against media failure, and then replicated in full in a secondary geo-redundant data center over secure fiber links for protection against natural disasters and other events that may cause the primary data center to become unavailable.
  • Server Security. Backup and Go servers are continuously monitored and scanned for unauthorized access, using industry-standard systems and control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Firewalls. Backup and Go connections use only highly secure communications ports that are used by Internet browsers and are designed to work well with just about  any firewall installed on your computer.
  • Password Protection. All access to Backup and Go servers is password protected. Connections from computers to the Backup and Go service occur though the Backup and Go agent software installed on your Mac or PC. The agent uses encrypted session keys after the initial authentication process and never keeps your passwords locally. All communication between mobile phones and the Backup and Go Service is similarly password protected, and is fully encrypted in both directions.
  • User Control. As a Backup and Go user, you have full control of your files. You can choose the files to back up, and while sharing, you control who gets access to which files and for how long. Recipients see the files you have shared and nothing else.
  • Virus Scanning: All emails that pass through the Backup and Go servers, including attachments, are scanned in real time for viruses. If a virus is detected, the operation ceases immediately and the incoming data streams are purged.
  • Protection from Spyware: The Backup and Go software responds only to the Backup and Go service, which provides protection from an errant program taking over Backup and Go and sending your information to a malicious recipient.
  • SSL. Secure Sockets Layer is the current accepted standard for encrypting data transmissions on the Web. All communications between the Backup and Go service and your computer occur with SSL by default.
  • VeriSign® Secured Certification: Backup and Go site is VeriSign secured so connections go only to the Backup and Go services and are not redirected elsewhere. You can view certificate details by clicking on the VeriSign logo on the Backup and Go homepage.

Once you decide what files and folders that you want backed up, Backup and Go continuously monitors these files for changes and backs them up automatically when they are changed.

To choose files for backup, or change backup settings:

On the PC:

  1. To open the Backup and Go software, double-click the Backup and Go icon in your system tray. 
  2. To view folders, click the Settings button. The Backups tab is open by default. This tab displays the folders you have already selected for backup and the status of each one.
  3. To add more folders, click the Manage Backups button at the bottom. The Backup Configuration window opens.
  4. To see folder information, select or deselect any folder or file by checking the corresponding checkbox. When you select a folder, its file size is listed in parenthesis. In the column to the right, you may choose to include all file types or only certain ones.
  5. To complete settings, click the Finish button.

On the Mac:

  • To open the Backup and Go software, double-click the Backup and Go icon in the Mac menu bar.
  • To view folders, click the Settings button. The Backups tab is open by default. The tab displays the folders you have already selected for backup and the status of each one.
  • To add more folders, click the Manage Backups button at the bottom. The Backup Configuration window opens.
  • To see folder information, select or deselect any folder or file by checking the corresponding checkbox. When you select a folder, its file size is listed in parenthesis. In the column to the right, you may choose to include all file types or only certain ones
  • To complete settings, click the Finish button.

If the file’s folder or file type has already been configured for backup, then the file is just backed up automatically.

The PC and Mac agents both have Speed Control, which lets you control how much Internet bandwidth the agent uses, and when. If you find that large backups are slowing your computer, you may want to use this feature.

The PC and Mac agents both have Backup Status screens that display current backup activity.

Backup and Go saves changes to your files as they occur, as long as the agent is online and connected to the Backup and Go service. Each change is saved as a new version of the file.

Backup and Go saves hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past week, and weekly backups for the 30 days. The Backup and Go Premium account also saves monthly backups for six months.

You can find deleted files and folders in the previous versions history.

  • Find the file by going to the Computers or Projects tab, navigating to the file, and selecting the previous versions command.
  • Or find the file by searching for it.

A version history is available for all files on your computer backup, as well as for files in your Projects.

Users of Backup and Go have the option to restore either current or previous versions of their content from the Backup and Go server to their computers. Note that you use the restore command for folders and the download command for a single file.

To restore folders:

  1. Log in to your Backup and Go account at
  2. From the Computers tab, navigate to the content you need to restore.
  3. From the actions menu on the right, select the Restore command.
  4. Select the computer and folder to restore to. When the restore function is complete, you are alerted by a message from the Backup and Go desktop agent.

    Note:  Our technicians are available 24/7 if you need any help with restoration. Call Customer Care at 1-877-888-7360, or set up an appointment by logging into your Tech Support 360 account.

Only backed up files are accessible when the computer is offline. Make sure that the files you want to access while the computer is offline are included in your backup selection.

Yes, you can back up data from multiple computers to a single account. However, subscription charges are applied on a per-computer basis.

Projects are online folders that are stored in the service. You can upload and copy files to Project folders to collaborate with other team members.

  • Personal Projects. Initially, projects you create are personal to you, meaning that only you have access to them. All personal projects are kept in a Personal Projects group in the Projects tab.
  • My Shared Projects. You can copy any files from your computer backup to a Project. You can then share the Project with other team members. Shared Projects are in the group named, My Shared Projects.
  • Projects Shared With Me. Projects that other team members share with you are in the group named, Projects Shared With Me. When you share a Project, you remain the owner of the Project and maintain control of its contents, who has access to it, and what they are allowed to do in the Project. Only members who have received Full Access permission from you can upload, delete, or otherwise manipulate the files and folders in the Shared Project.

A team is a group of users who are created and managed as one logical work group in the Backup and Go service. Team members that have Backup and Go Premium, or Backup and Go Guest Account, can work together and collaborate on Projects.

Teams have administrators who manage the team and their account configurations and settings. Team administrators assign Guest accounts. To manage the team, administrators go to Settings and then select Team.

A Backup and Go Guest account allows a user to join a team and get access to Shared Projects. This is useful if a team of employees within a company wants to collaborate with someone outside their company. Guest users do not need to install the Backup and Go agent. Guest users cannot backup data from their computers.

You can create Web links pointing to your content in Backup and Go. For security purposes, Web links may be password protected and time limited. You can send Web links by email or SMS, so that others can access files remotely, from either computers or mobile phones.

When you log in to Backup and Go, the Dashboard is displayed first. Your Dashboard keeps your latest files, alerts, and shares all in one place right at your fingertips. With just one click, you can efficiently access, view, share, and send any file.

Your dashboard displays your key file activity. The most recent activity for the past 30 days is always visible at the top. Your new items and alerts are shown in bold. You can click each item to view information about it.

To take action on a file, move your mouse over its arrow to display the action menu, or use the command links. You can share, print, view, send, and take other actions with a single click. If an item is a share notification, you must accept it to access the shared content.

You can share a printer only with other Backup and Go members. To share a printer:

  1. On the Computers tab, click the printer you want to share.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the Share command. The Share with screen is displayed.
  3. Enter the email address, username, or phone number of the recipient.
  4. To complete the process, click Continue in the lower left corner, and then follow the remaining instructions.

Yes, you can share files and folders with anyone by using the create link function. To create a link, select the file or folder, and then select create link. For security purposes, Web links may be password-protected and time limited. You can send Web links by email or SMS, so that others can access files remotely, from either computers or mobile phones.

When a team member shares a project with you, you receive an email and dashboard alert. To access the shared project, follow the instructions in the email, or just select the project from your Backup and Go account.

To manage your Projects, go to the Projects tab, and select My Shared Projects that contains all projects you are currently sharing with other team members. Select the manage sharing command.

To view and manage all public links, go to Settings, and then go to the Public Links section.

Backup and Go Premium allows you to print almost any document, regardless of its file type, to a remote printer, whether the document is one you've created, one that's been emailed to you, or one that's been shared with you.

You can only print on printers installed on computers that have a running Backup and Go agent software.

A print link allows others to print a file, even if they aren't a Backup and Go member or don't have the native software for the file. A link is emailed to the recipient. Upon receipt of the link, the recipient can access the file online and print it to their own computer's printer.

Setting up fax support is very simple. Click here to review an online step-by-step guide to setting up the service (PDF Download) (you must have a valid eFax account in order to set up fax support).

Backup and Go can be used with cell phones with a browser and a functioning data plan. Note that data charges are not covered by the Backup and Go plans and will be charged to your phone plan.

You can use Backup and Go from your mobile phone through the phone's web browser. Backup and Go has been optimized to make it easy to use with limited screen space and a wireless data connection.

Go to from your phone browser and enter your username and password. If you login from a Blackberry you will also be provided a link to get the Backup and Go Application for the corresponding phone.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet such and an iPhone or an iPad, or an Android based phone or a tablet device, you can download the AT&T Backup and Go mobile app from the iTunes or Google Play app stores. The mobile app allows you to log in to your account and access all of your files virtually whenever and wherever you need them.

Most of the Backup and Go features available through your PC is also available on your mobile phone.

If you’re working with Microsoft® Outlook on Windows, or Microsoft Entourage on Mac, you will discover that these systems over time produce very large files. The nature of these systems is that their data files change frequently. It is normal that these files over time take up gigabytes of data.

To avoid spending your Internet connection bandwidth on backing up the same data over and over, Backup and Go limits the transfer of these frequently changing files. A frequently changing 1GB file is at most backed up every two days, a frequently changing 2GB file is backed up every four days, and so on.

On the other hand, if you store a large file on your computer, it is backed up almost immediately. Only frequent changes to the file are delayed.

*Taxes are extra. Minimum of 1-year term. For details, refer to the Service Pricing and Payments Section of the Terms of Service Agreement.

** Restoration completion time is subject to available bandwidth and amount of data.

*** Requires subscription to e-fax service.

† Only subscriptions purchased under a single account can be part of a team for document sharing.

Minimum System Requirements:
Supported PC operating systems include: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms. Limited support is available for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Limited support for Mac operating systems includes: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

Smartphone or Tablet Device Minimum Requirements: iPhone or iPad with iOS version 3.0 or above, Android based tablet or phone with OS 2.3 version or above, or Windows RT based tablet.

Peripheral Device Minimum Requirements: In order to receive support on a peripheral device, its system requirements must meet (PC/Mac subscription or One Time Service) minimum system requirements. Device must be tethered via USB cord to the computer