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Learn more about Toll-Free calling.

Allow your customers to reach you from almost anywhere in the U.S. at no extra cost to them.
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Get the reliable calling service your business needs without breaking the budget.

No Peak or Off-Peak Prices

Enjoy the same competitive low rates no matter what time of day you call.

Reliable Quality and Service

AT&T service gives you clear connections and customer service that puts you first.

Flat International Rates

With long distance service, you can also get international calling at low flat rates to each country. Check the latest rates for over 240 countries.


Customize your calling with our wide range of features. Some features may not be available in all areas or on all calls.

Call Forwarding - Busy

If your line is busy, the call is forwarded to a preselected number or voicemail.

Call Forwarding - Variable

Forward your calls to any number, including voicemail. The most flexible forwarding option.

Caller ID

Shows the caller's number and other information on your display unit before you answer.

Caller ID with Name

Shows the caller's name (even if it's unlisted) on your display unit before you answer.

Call Waiting

Receive a call while you're on another call. Don't miss another important call.


Incoming calls seek an open line. If there's none, the call goes to voicemail or terminates.

Speed Dialing - 8

Program up to 8 frequently called numbers to reach your clients quickly and conveniently.

Three Way Calling

Easily add a third person to a conversation to consult and make business decisions quickly.

Basic Voicemail

Store up to 30 voice messages for 31 days.

Voicemail Forwarding

Forward calls to your main voicemail box. Primarily used with hunting. Requires Basic Voicemail.

Domestic Rates


In-State (InterLATA)*

Regional (IntraLATA)**





International Rates

With long distance, you can choose from two international rate plans. Standard international rate plans do not included a fixed monthly fee. International Intense rate plans offer reduced per-minute rates for a monthly recurring charge.


Standard Rate







United Kingdom




Local access and transport area (LATA) is a term in the U.S. for a geographic area covered by one or more local telephone companies.

*In-State (InterLATA) Service includes those calls that reach beyond your region (LATA), but not outside of your state.

**Regional (IntraLATA) Service covers those calls that reach beyond your immediate calling area, but are still within your region (LATA).

Rates are subject to change.

All rates are per minute. International rates apply to direct-dial international calls. International rates will vary for calls that terminate on a mobile phone or toll-free number. Rates are subject to change.