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Explore the Possibilities of Business TV

Posted: 10/07/2013

Because different industries have different needs, AT&T Advanced TV for Business offers a range of connection and entertainment possibilities. AT&T small business customers can choose from three main offerings:

  • Business Viewing (AT&T U-verse®)
  • Private Office Viewing (AT&T U-verse®)
  • Public Viewing (DIRECTV®)


Business Viewing


The business viewing option uses AT&T U-verse technology, and is a good choice if your business offers goods and services to the public, similar to these types of businesses:

  • Fitness centers
  • Doctor or dentist waiting rooms
  • Auto repair waiting rooms
  • Retail stores
  • Banks
  • Beauty shops
  • Building lobbies

Typically, you use TV to improve or support the customer experience. For example, fitness centers may use TV to help clients achieve fitness goals by keeping them on cardio equipment longer, provide lifestyle or weather channels in the locker rooms, and show family-friendly programming in the childcare room.

Business TV can also reduce perceived wait time. For example, a tire store may offer multiple television waiting areas: one to help entertain children with age-appropriate viewing selections, and a second with different channel offerings for adults.


Private Viewing


The private viewing option also uses AT&T U-verse technology, and is a good choice for your business if you want to provide TV services to your employees for private use. Some locations best served by private viewing are:

  • Executive offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Employee break rooms
  • Private offices

Private viewing provides a convenient way for executives and employees to keep up with rapidly changing news and world events. This is particularly applicable if your business is closely affected by changes in news, such as media outlets, or if you are a financial firm that may follow stock indexes or business changes.

You might choose the private viewing option to provide an entertainment benefit to your employees in lunchrooms and break rooms. The service may be an incentive to keep employees on site during breaks, which can promote a timely return to work after breaks.


Public Viewing


The public viewing business TV option is delivered in partnership with DIRECTV. It serves establishments open to the general public that generate the majority of their revenue from the sale of food or beverages for immediate consumption, such as:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Lounges
  • Coffee shops

Each of these viewing options gives you a choice of channel offerings, and depending on service area, may be combined with high-speed Internet services. When the bottom line matters, double-duty technologies can help make the dollars you spend work harder.