Tips on IT Disaster Recovery and Cloud Data Backup from AT&T

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Keep Data Safe in the Cloud

Posted: 08/27/2013

Disaster-Proof Your Data

Although he lost everything on his laptop to an unrecoverable disk error, small business owner Brian Pelletier of Kakao Chocolates got back to business quickly because his data was safe in the cloud. Listen as Brian shares his story of data recovery and emphasizes the importance of backing up your data. Learn about:

  • Backing up important business data, such as customer information, emails, and graphics.
  • Keeping crucial business information safe online.
  • Securing your data and contact information.
  • Making sure your business doesn't disappear with your laptop.

Let AT&T help you keep your information safe in the cloud with bundled services such as online data backup from AT&T Tech Support 360SM.

Learn more about safeguarding your business. Take the Quick Check for Disaster Prep and see if your business can weather the storm.