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Mobilize Your Workforce with VoIP

Posted: 08/23/13

For small businesses with employees who work remotely, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is making it easier to stay in touch.

By enabling users to be reached on the go and allowing greater seamlessness among phone, email and instant messaging, VoIP can offer flexibility and convenience in responding to clients and interacting with colleagues. Here is a closer look at how to mobilize your workforce using VoIP:

Increase productivity. Help make sure team members receive important calls and can move forward on business matters with locator capabilities supported by VoIP services. Using just one telephone number, clients can reach employees on the go and on a range of devices (business, home or smartphone)—cutting down on phone tag and eliminating lag time in receiving messages. Employees can designate which device calls should be routed to using a simple Web interface.

Improve response to calls. Dialing into a voicemail system is not always convenient. With Web-based voicemail—generally included in VoIP services—you have the option of listening to voice messages through any computer with Internet access. You can also check call logs and manage call settings through a personal Web portal and initiate calls on the computer, making it easier to get back to customers quickly.

Conduct on-demand meetings. Reach out to colleagues or clients about important business matters through three-way conferencing, so you can make decisions without waiting for a conference line to become available. Since voice is transmitted over a high-bandwidth data network, the call quality is clear. You can make a conference call by phone or over the Web, and may be able to integrate additional collaboration capabilities, such as shared workspaces where employees can share and edit documents online.

Use flexible communication. VoIP offers a foundation for greater seamlessness among separate forms of communication, including voice, email, instant messaging and conferencing. This allows you to easily switch between communication methods; for instance, starting a conversation on the phone and then continuing through Web conferencing. You can also check the status of team members before sending instant messages or clicking to call through your computer.

Improve business continuity. A hosted VoIP service, in which all the communication equipment is housed with the service provider, can help keep your business up and running should a storm or other emergency prevent your team from getting to the office. Employees can simply go online from where they have an Internet connection and redirect calls to their home or mobile numbers.

Improve productivity and deliver better service to clients with hosted VoIP services from AT&T.