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The Psychology of Business TV

Posted: 10/07/2013

Marketing is often described as the art and science of product differentiation. Many businesses offer essentially the same product or service. But teenagers will tell you that department store sneakers are not the same as the brands worn by basketball stars, while parents may think a shoe is a shoe.

What makes some businesses succeed and others fail even though the end deliverable to the customer is virtually identical? The answer often lies in the customer’s perception of brand differentiation.


Perception and Your Brand


Part of what consumers seek is not just a product or service, but a complete experience. Brand experts will tell you that every touchpoint matters: Pre-sale perceptions are no more critical than post-sale follow-up. To the consumer, the entire purchase and ownership experience is your brand. They expect more, and in the age of social media, you can't afford to get this wrong.

All of which leads us to what might be called the psychology of TV at your place of business. Providing TV to your customers while they wait for your staff to complete services or fulfill orders can round out a positive customer experience by reducing perceived wait times.

One study by DIRECTV showed a direct connection between a customer's "wait-related frustration" and a customer's overall perception of the product or service they are waiting for. The study showed a whopping 86% of business TV subscribers believe TV reduces perceived wait times for their customers. This is compatible with the study's finding that 90% of business TV subscribers believe TV increases their business.

Business TV could be considered a customer care touchpoint that may make the difference between single or repeat purchases. AT&T provides several different business TV viewing options using the AT&T U-verse platform and in partnership with DIRECTV.