Small Business IT: Finding Time for Tech Support with AT&T

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Who Has Time for Tech Support

Posted: 08/23/2013

When it comes to quantifying tech trouble, everything is relative.

What looks like a minor nuisance to bigger companies can loom as a major problem for small businesses—which have neither the headcount nor the cash flow for dedicated tech support. Throw in the challenges associated with the distributed nature of many smaller companies, and those little glitches can have a way of turning into huge issues, especially given the increasingly complex array of operating systems, applications and devices that even modestly sized organizations rely on to conduct—and nurture—their business.

Unfortunately, the basic constraints that small companies face sometimes force them to skimp on tech support—if not skip it altogether. And that's a recipe for disaster given the type of trouble that can strike at anytime.

What are some of the most common tech problems plaguing small businesses?

  • Software configuration and maintenance: Configuration errors, out-of-date software, and operating system interoperability issues that reduce performance, responsiveness, and productivity
  • Security: Out-of-date anti-virus software that leaves systems vulnerable to evolving types of malware; improperly implemented wireless networks with holes too tempting for hackers to pass up
  • Technology that's reaching the end of its useful lifespan: Poorly performing devices and applications that can't keep up with today's real-time business demands
  • Syncing of mobile devices: Inability to easily incorporate the PDAs and smartphones that more and more employees rely on to do their jobs

Given these and other challenges, it's clear that small businesses need a tech support solution that meets their specific requirements. Such a solution should deliver convenience, so that small companies can stay focused on the larger job of building the business. It should be affordable, so that small companies don't have to worry about the damage to their budgets. And it should be customer-centric, so that small companies will gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any tech problem, no matter how small, can be addressed quickly and effectively.

AT&T Tech Support 360℠ is an optimal support solution for small businesses. Remote, round-the-clock support makes it easy and convenient: just log in to schedule a service time, and a U.S.-based certified technician will call you directly. You get the help when you want it, with no expensive on-site visits or time-consuming trips to in-store retail support services. Tech Support 360 is also affordable, with annual subscription plans priced on a per-month, per-computer basis and tailored to your environment.

Tech Support 360 addresses the most common technology issues affecting today's small businesses, including:

  • Installation and configuration of new software.
  • Detection, identification and removal of viruses, spyware and malware.
  • Improvements to computer and application performance via proactive assessment and PC tune-ups.
  • Installation and configuration of wireless networks.
  • Syncing of mobile and MP3 devices, including PDAs, iPhone and iPods.

What make such a degree of support possible? Tech Support 360 taps into extensive experience to keep tabs on developments in technology and keep your devices and applications up to date. Better yet, Tech Support 360 takes a fully customer-centric approach to addressing the particular problems each small company encounters. Your business may be small, but AT&T knows that your support needs may not be.

Convenient, current, and cost-effective: Learn more about AT&T Tech Support 360 today.