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Fix AT&T TV streaming limit errors

Getting an error that says you have too many devices watching AT&T TV or AT&T TV NOW at the same time? Learn how to fix it.

With AT&T TVSM and eligible AT&T TV NOWSM packages, you can watch up to 3 streams at the same time. Some AT&T TV NOW packages allow you to watch up to 2 streams at the same time. If you want a third stream, upgrade your subscription.

If you go over the number of streams for your package, you’ll get one of these error codes or something similar:
  • 10014-001: Looks like the maximum allowed number of streams are already playing. Close one of your other streams to play the one you want.
  • 20001-020: You have too many video streams already playing. Close a stream playing on another device to watch on this device.
  • 30001-018, 30002-019, or 30003-020: You have reached your streaming limit. Please close another stream or upgrade your subscription.
Good to know: It can take a few minutes after closing out of one device to start watching on another. If the issue continues, try this:
• Close and restart the AT&T TV app.
• Look for AT&T TV app updates in your app store. If available, update your app and restart your mobile device.
• Uninstall and reinstall the AT&T TV app.
• Restart your AT&T TV device, if applicable..

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