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Learn about AT&T TV bundles

Have an AT&T TV and internet or wireless bundle? Find out how to get and keep your discount.

Quick answer

How do I get a discount on my AT&T TV and internet bundle?

How do I get a discount on my AT&T TV and wireless bundle?

When do I get credit for my AT&T TV bundle?


Offer details

Here’s what to know about the bundle discount. To:
  • Be eligible for the discount: Activate AT&T TV. Then, activate your wireless or install your internet within 30 days.
  • Get your first credit: Check your wireless or internet bill for the credit within 1-3 bill periods. The first credit includes all credits earned since meeting the offer requirements.
  • Continue getting credits: Keep both your AT&T TV and internet or wireless services.

Don’t forget: There are no credits for bundled services after the first year.
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