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Get connected to dial-up

Learn how to connect to our dial-up network.


Create a new connection

When you set up new connections, the Connection Manager saves the access number, connection name, and dialing rules you set up. When you connect, you choose which connection to use.

For each new connection, you also choose the number of call attempts. If your computer can't connect with the first number dialed, it moves to the second number, then the third, and so on.

If it can’t make a connection, it starts again with the first number. The number of call attempts you choose tells the Connection Manager how many times to cycle through the numbers to try and connect.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Select Add New Connection from the Connection dropdown menu on the main screen. Or, select New from the Manage Your Connection screen.
  2. Choose Create a New Connection and then select Next.
  3. Search for and select access numbers to add or enter an access number you know. You may have to download the latest access numbers.
  4. Enter a Connection Name. We suggest the name of the city where you’ll use the connection.
  5. Select the number of call attempts and then Next. This saves the connection and makes it available in the Connection menu.

Good to know: To access an outside line or disable call waiting for a connection, make sure you set dialing rules in your Settings. Enter the number exactly as you want it dialed. Use a comma to represent a pause, such as when dialing 9 to get an outside line.
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Connect to the network

  1. Select the AT&T Dial icon.
  2. On the Connection Manager main screen, select a Member ID. The last Member ID used shows by default.
  3. Enter your password. To save it, check Save my password.
  4. Choose the Connection to use, and if necessary, Dialing Rules.
  5. Select Connect.

Connection Manager uses a 3-step process to establish a dial-up connection. The progress indictor displays messages about your computer’s progress:
  • Dialing: Your modem is calling the access number.
  • Checking Password: We're verifying your Member ID and password.
  • Connected: You're connected to the internet.
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