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Dial connections with Connection Manager

Learn how to connect and disconnect your dial-up connection with the AT&T Dial Connection Manager.


Connect to and disconnect from AT&T Dial

Connect to AT&T Dial

To connect to AT&T dial-up using the Connection Manager:
  1. Select your AT&T Dial desktop icon.
  2. On the Dial Connection Manager main screen, select a Member ID.
  3. Type the password for that Member ID.
  4. Select a Connection (the access numbers for a specific location).
  5. If needed, choose Dialing Rules.
  6. Select Connect.
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Disconnect from AT&T Dial

To disconnect, do one of the following:
  • On the progress indicator, select Cancel.
  • In the Connection Manager window, select Disconnect.
  • Right-click in the Windows System Tray icon and select Disconnect.
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