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Find Dial access numbers with Connection Manager

Learn how to get new and updated Dial network access numbers using the Connection Manager.


Access numbers for Dial

Auto-update of access numbers

Connections contain access numbers your computer uses to connect to the AT&T network. You choose the access numbers that are saved in each connection.

AT&T automatically updates the access number lists every 30 days. Periodic updates are necessary to add and remove access numbers from the list.

Note: When accessing AT&T service, your modem places a phone call. You can select access numbers outside your local calling area but may incur long-distance charges. You're responsible for all long-distance telephone costs associated with your use of the AT&T service. If you have questions regarding possible charges for a particular access number, contact your local telephone service provider.

Search for new access numbers

To begin searching for local access numbers, enter the area code and phone number of the telephone line your modem uses. You can search for access numbers two ways - by area code or by state.

Search by area code (recommended)
  1. From the Find Access Numbers for Connection area in the Connection Manager, select Find numbers by area code and prefix.
  2. Enter the area code and prefix. (Prefix-based searching is only available when your computer is connected to the Internet. If you are offline, you'll only be offered the area code box.)
  3. Select Next.
Search by state
  1. Select the State option.
  2. Select a state from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Next in the lower-right corner.

I know my access number

You may already know the number you want to use for your Dial connection.  If so, follow these steps.
  1. Select Enter Number.
  2. On the Access Number screen, enter the complete number, including the area code. This is the number your modem will dial to connect your computer to AT&T.