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Manage member IDs in Connection Manager

The Dial Connection Manager uses your member ID to connect to the AT&T Dial network.  Learn how to select and delete member IDs.


Member IDs and Connection Manager

Select a member ID

Each time you connect to AT&T Dial with Connection Manager, you must select a member ID. When you first open Connection Manager, the last member ID used on your computer displays.  

You'll see your member ID selection displayed in three places:
  • The Member ID drop-down menu
  • The icon list located on the left side of Connection Manager's main screen
  • The large icon displayed to the right of the icon list

To choose a member ID, select an icon in the list or the Member ID drop-down menu, and then select the member ID you'd like to use.

Remove a member ID

You can remove a member ID from your computer using Connection Manager, or you can permanently delete a member ID from your account on My Account area of the AT&T Portal powered by Yahoo! website.

To remove a member ID from a computer:
  1. You must be on the computer from which you want to remove the ID.
  2. On the Connection Manager main screen, select Settings.
  3. Select Remove Member ID.
  4. Select the ID to be deleted, or right-click the Member ID icon that you want to remove from the icon list.
  5. On the Confirm Remove window, select Yes.

Note: Guest IDs cannot be deleted.
Last updated: August 18, 2017

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