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Create new dial-up connections

Learn how to set up and make new connections with the AT&T Dial Connection Manager.


Set up new connections

Add new connection

When you create a new connection for your AT&T Dial service, the Connection Manager saves the access numbers and connection name you chose. Each time you connect, you can select which connection to use.

To create a new connection for your Dial services:
  1. Select Add New Connection from the Connection drop-down menu on the main screen, or select New from the Manage Your Connection screen.
  2. Select Create a New Connection.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Search and select the access numbers you want to add to your connection or specify an access number you know. You may need to download the latest access numbers.
  5. Enter a Connection Name. We suggest the name of the city where you will use the connection.
  6. Select the number of call attempts.
  7. Select Next.  The Connection is saved and is now available in the Connection drop-down menu on the main screen.
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About call attempts

When setting up a new connection, you are asked to select the number of call attempts. If your computer can't connect with the first number dialed, it moves to the second number, then the third, and so on. If it can’t make a connection after going through all the access numbers, it starts again with the first number. The call attempts number you select tells the Connection Manager how many times to go through the sequence to try and connect to your AT&T Dial service.
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