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Change to AT&T Senior Nation plan

AT&T Senior Nation for account holders 65 or older has 200 Anytime Minutes, Mobile to Mobile Minutes, and Nights and Weekends, without roaming and long distance charges.


AT&T Senior Nation plan features and pricing

Plan details

Plan features and pricing are shown below:
Plan FeaturePricing
Monthly Access1$29.99
Anytime Minutes200
Mobile to Mobile MinutesUnlimited Nationwide Calling to AT&T Mobility Customers
Nights & Weekend Minutes500
Additional Minutes$0.45/min
Device RestrictionsAT&T Senior Nation is only eligible for basic phones and not eligible on smartphones or tablets.
Included Features: Nationwide Long Distance and Roaming, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Conference Calling, and Caller ID.

Change to Senior Nation

The Senior Nation Plan is not available to select online.  Instead:
  • Chat with us using the Chat button when available
  • Call 800.331.0500 (611 from your AT&T wireless phone)
  • Visit an AT&T store


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Last updated: July 2, 2021

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