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Get started with the DIRECTV Universal remote

Learn how to use a Universal remote and download a user guide that explains the function of each button.

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Remote control

Universal Remote


Learn how to use your remote (PDF, 1.6MB)

Find out what buttons to push on your Universal remote. You can also learn how to program your remote to control your TV and devices.View PDF



Overview of the Universal remote control

Learn what every button does and how to program a remote by downloading the PDF guide. Select the language you prefer to download the manual English (PDF, 1.6MB) or Spanish (PDF, 1.1MB).

Remote control button highlights

Did you program your remote? If not, first follow the steps in Program your DIRECTV remote control - Universal.
  • The Mode switch at the top of the remote allows you to control different devices. When you select the DIRECTV icon, you control the DIRECTV receiver. To control other devices, like a DVD player or audio system, slide the switch right and select AV1 or AV2. Moving the switch all the way to the right, to TV, lets you power on or off the TV, change channels and the volume levels.
  • To advance a program, press the fast-forward button, to the right of the play button. Press up to four times to increase the speeds.
  • Press GUIDE once for the on-screen guide. Twice for programming grouped in categories. Use the fast forward or rewind button, next to play, to jump ahead or back up to twelve hours.
  • The blue button displays a one-line channel guide that won't take you away from your program.
  • The green button lets you jump ahead 12 hours while viewing the on-screen guide.
  • Press dash (-) twice to delete recorded shows from your list.
  • When you're watching a game, press the red button to get live scores of the other games in action.
Last updated: June 9, 2021

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