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Reconnect a Wireless Cinema Connection Kit

Learn how to get set up if you don’t see the message SWiM Connected or your network status is Not Connected.


Connect the Wireless Cinema Connection Kit with a cable

You’re in the right place if:
  • You don’t see the words SWiM Connected.
  • Your Network status says Not Connected.

Are you unsure how to check your SWiM or Network status? Follow the steps in the article Connect your DIRECTV Genie or HD DVR to the Internet (HR20-24, HR34, or R22).

Set up your Wireless Cinema Connection Kit

  1. Check that your receiver and TV are both on.
  2. Plug one end of the power adapter into the Wireless Cinema Connection Kit.
  3. Plug the other end of the power adapter into a surge protector or an electrical outlet. 
    Power adapter into surge protector
  4. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port on the back of the Wireless Cinema Connection Kit. 
  5. Connect the other end into the Ethernet port on the back your receiver. (If your receiver has two Ethernet ports, use the top port, labeled ETHERNET 1.)
    Ethernet cable to port
  6. The POWER and Activity lights on the Wireless Cinema Connection Kit light up. Wait for the Power light to stop flashing.
    Lights light up
  7. If you don't see either logo, follow the directions in the article Connect to your router manually.
    WPS logos

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