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Set up a Genie Mini

Learn how to connect a Genie Mini so you can watch DIRECTV on another TV in your home.




Connect a Genie Mini with a TV and Genie HD DVR

First, connect the Genie Mini to a TV.

  1. Choose how you want to connect:
    • Use an HDMI cable (recommended option) for high-definition (HD) video and Dolby® Digital audio - Plug one end of the cable into the HDMI port on the back of your Genie Mini. Then, plug the other end into the HDMI port on the back of your TV.
    • Use a 10-pin Mini-DIN cable for standard-definition (SD) and HD (1080i or 720p) video and audio - Plug the black 10-pin connector into the A/V Out port on the back of your Genie Mini. Then, plug the other ends of the cable(s) into the corresponding colored input ports on the back of your TV.
  2. Connect the power cord to the Genie Mini and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  3. Turn on the Genie Mini and the TV.

Next, pair the Genie Mini with your Genie HD DVR

  1. Press MENU on your Genie remote.
  2. Select Settings > Whole-Home > Manage Clients > Add Clients.
  3. Write down the PIN displayed on the screen. Leave this screen as is - Do not select Done.
  4. Return to the TV where you connected the Genie Mini.
  5. Use the remote to select Continue and enter the PIN when prompted.
  6. Select Add a New Location.
  7. Enter a room location name and select Save Name.
  8. Select OK to confirm.
  9. Choose a setup option:
    • COPY - If you want to mirror the settings from an existing Genie/Genie Mini in your home. Then, select the location you want to copy.
    • DON'T COPY - If you want the default DIRECTV settings added to your new Genie Mini.
  10. Select Watch DIRECTV or Browse the Guide to complete the guide setup.
  11. Go back to the TV connected to the main Genie HD DVR and select DONE.
Have a wireless Genie Mini? Find out how to connect a Wireless Genie Mini to your TV.

Activate your Genie Mini

To activate your Genie Mini:

  • Call our automated activation line at 800.388.6597 or
  • Sign in to myAT&T Account Overview. Under Manage Receivers, select Activate Receiver.

Next, you can program your DIRECTV remote control.

Return old equipment

Did you receive a return shipping label with the replacement Genie Mini? To avoid a non-return fee, send the old Genie Mini back to DIRECTV within 30 days.

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