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4K Ultra HD movies

Learn how to find, order, and record 4K Ultra HD movies.


Search, buy and save 4K Ultra HD films

What you need to access 4K Ultra HD

Equipment - Genie HD DVR (model HR54 and up), and a DIRECTV 4K Ready TV (or compatible 4K TV) installed by a technician.

Genie HD DVR Whole Home Setup - Connect the Genie HD DVR(s) to the Internet. The DIRECTV 4K Ready TV is set up as the primary TV in the Whole Home network. Connect the Genie HD DVR to a secondary 4K TV.
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Find 4K Ultra HD movies

There are several search features that you can use to discover a movie to enjoy.

Genie Recommends                   
This feature provides instant access to movies suggested for you. Follow these steps to turn it on:
  1. Go to your TV and press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Select Search & BrowseTV Shows > Turn Genie Recommends ON. If you don't see this button, Genie Recommends is already turned on.

Search & Browse
  1. Go to Ch. 1102.
  2. Press MENU on your remote control.
  3. Select Search & Browse 4K UHD Programs > Movies.

Smart Search
  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Select Search & Browse > Smart Search.
  3. If you know what you are looking for, type the first letter of the movie you want to find. To get a list of 4K movies, enter 4K as the search term. Results appear as soon as you enter the first letter.
  4. Select the movie with a 4K logo to go to its details page.
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Order and record 4K Ultra HD movies

There are 4K movies available to enjoy right away and titles you can buy. You can record all 4K movies to your DVR Playlist in advance before you watch them.

Order a 4K movie with your Genie remote
Ordering from the comfort of your home takes just a few steps.
  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Select Search & Browse4K UHD Programs.
  3. What's On Now displays the 4K movies available to watch right now.
  4. Select the green Play icon under the title you want to watch.
  5. Press SELECT on your remote to confirm.

Order a 4K movie online with myAT&T
Sign in to your myAT&T account and order a movie even if you are not at home.
  1. Under DIRECTV, select Watch TV Now > Movies.
  2. Select the Show Filters menu > Format > 4K.
  3. With your cursor, roll over the movie you would like to watch, then select Watch.
  4. Select Order > Record.
  5. To pay for your movie online, select Order Now. You can also wait until it records to your DVR Playlist, then order from your TV using your remote control.

Record a 4K movie

  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Select Search & Browse4K UHD Programs
  3. Select the movie you want to record to your DVR Playlist. An indicator at the top of the screen lets you know when the download is complete.
  4. Select Record. When your movie is ready to watch, it will appear in your DVR Playlist.
  5. Press LIST on your remote and select the movie.
  6. Press SELECT on your remote to confirm, get the popcorn ready, and enjoy your movie.
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