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Use Smart Search to find DIRECTV programming

With DIRECTV Smart Search, you can search for movies, shows, sports, people, and channels on your DIRECTV HD DVR.




Search for DIRECTV content

DIRECTV’s Smart Search lets you enter the name of a movie, show, actor, sports team or channel, and then displays results right on the screen. The more you use the DIRECTV Smart Search feature, the smarter it gets. It'll save all your recent searches to help you find what you're looking for the next time you want it.

Want to find something on TV, but don't remember how to spell it? No problem. Smart Search knows what you're looking for and can interpret misspellings and nicknames, returning only the results you want.

DIRECTV Smart Search is available to customers who have HD DVR Receivers (model HR20 and above) as well as a DVR Receiver (model R22).

To search for DIRECTV programming using Smart Search:

  1. Select MENU on your remote.
  2. Select Search & Browse.
  3. Select DIRECTV Smart Search. You’ll see a letterpad as well as suggested search items highlighting new and interesting shows and movies based on what's trending now. 
  4. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to navigate the letters on the letterpad and press SELECT, or use the number keys in the same way you would text on a mobile device. DIRECTV search results appear as soon as you enter the first letter of the word you're typing in the search field. You can press the red button on your remote to start the Keyword Search.
  5. When the title of the program you're looking for appears, you can set the recording options. You can also see detailed cast information, pictures, filmographies, and actor biographies, as well as the upcoming movies and shows they'll appear in.
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