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Watch local network stations with Distant Network Service (DNS)

Distant Network Service (DNS) lets you to watch ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC channels from New York or Los Angeles.


How DNS works

Distant Network Service (DNS) enables you to receive ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC channel feeds from New York or Los Angeles. DNS offers a great solution for travelers interested in watching local feeds from their mobile vehicles.

You must live in an area where DIRECTV does not offer a local station or your signal must be insufficient for the local station. If a local station is available, that station must grant a waiver for you to be eligible for DNS service. Qualified customers living in Eastern/Central time zones receive the East Coast DNS feed while all others receive the West Coast feed.

To see if you are eligible to receive DNS Service or to check the status of a waiver request, please visit the DIRECTV for Travelers page.
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DNS for your RV, car or boat

Certain types of vehicles are eligible for DNS without requiring home address eligibility. For eligible vehicles, see item No. 11 of the FCC Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act fact sheet. Boats and other marine vessels do not qualify for this special consideration.

Note: A separate monthly package is required to enjoy DNS in your vehicle.

To add DNS to your mobile service
Send a copy of your vehicle registration, a completed Mobile Vehicle Affidavit Declaration of Intent form, and a copy of your commercial driver's license (if requesting service for a commercial vehicle) to the address listed below.

Attn: Mobile Network Services
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155

It may take up to 14 days after receiving your paperwork to verify the information and activate your DNS programming. Your dish must be pointed to the satellite located 101 degrees West longitude at the time we activate DNS service for your system. If you are not receiving DNS programming after 14 days, make sure your dish is pointed to the correct position and then call us to request activation.
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More DNS Help

Denied DNS Waiver
If a station denies your DNS waiver, Federal legislation allows you to arrange a digital signal strength test to prove your eligibility for DNS programming. You must arrange for testing and pay for associated costs. Learn more about signal strength testing.

Local into Local (LIL) refers to any television station delivered in the station's "home" market. For example: Los Angeles station KABC viewed in the Los Angeles area. A Distant Network Signal (DNS) refers to any television station delivered outside of its "home" market. For example: Los Angeles station KABC viewed in the Denver area.
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