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Regional Sports Fee on DIRECTV bill

Understand what the Regional Sports Fee is on your DIRECTV bill.


Understanding the Regional Sports Fee

At DIRECTV, we strive to bring you the best entertainment experience available. Regional Sports Fees are updated biannually based on the presence of Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) and/or collegiate in-market programming in applicable ZIP Codes.

In some ZIP Codes, you may be subject to a nominal Regional Sports Fee as a result of higher costs due to contractual obligations requiring us to offer multiple sports networks in select ZIP Codes. Or in rare instances, a single RSN that carries games from four or more teams. These local RSN(s) are included in most base packages, but some don't include RSNs, and are therefore not subject to a fee.

The RSN(s) included in the Sports Pack premium option include the additional RSNs outside of your local metro area (determined by your ZIP Code) and not subject to this fee.

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