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3D HDTV programming on DIRECTV

Learn about 3D HD on DIRECTV, including what you need to access it and how to find 3D HD programming.


How to watch 3D HD programming on DIRECTV

Watch DIRECTV 3D HD channels
DIRECTV 3D HD programming currently includes DIRECTV CINEMATM (Ch. 1100), which offers some of the hottest Hollywood blockbusters in amazing 3D.

Resolution format
All 3D HD programming will typically be in 1080p resolution format. However, some events may be delivered at different resolutions.
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Requirements and supported models for 3D HD

To enjoy 3D HD programming, you’ll need the following:
  • An HD DVR (HR 21 or newer) or HD receiver (H21 or newer).
  • A compatible 3D TV and 3D glasses (we suggest the following Panasonic 3D TV models: TC-P54VT25, TC-P58VT25, or TC-P65VT25).
  • Advanced Receiver Service or Advanced Receiver Service-HD, depending on the type of HD receiver you have.

TV models that support DIRECTV 3D HD 
  • TC-P50VT25
  • TC-P54VT25
  • TC-P58VT25
  • TC-P65VT25
  • LN55C750R2F
  • LN46C750R2F
  • UN55C9000ZF
  • UN46C8000XF
  • UN46C9000ZF
  • UN55C8000XF
  • UN55C7000WF
  • UN46C7000WF
  • UN40C7000WF
  • PN50C7000YF
  • PN58C7000YF
  • PN63C7000YF
  • PN50C8000YF
  • PN58C8000YF
  • PN63C8000YF
Mitsubishi The following models require the 3DA-1 adapter from Mitsubishi:
  • WD-57833
  • WD-60638
  • WD-60735
  • WD-60737
  • WD-60C8
  • WD-60C9
  • WD-60C10
  • WD-65C8
  • WD-65C9
  • WD-65C10
  • WD-73C8
  • WD-73C9
  • WD-73C10
  • L65-A90
  • L75-A81
  • L75-A91
  • WD-65638
  • WD-65735
  • WD-65736
  • WD-65737
  • WD-65833
  • WD-65835
  • WD-65837
  • WD-73638
  • WD-73735
  • WD-73736
  • WD-73737
  • WD-73833
  • WD-73835
  • WD-73837
  • WD-82737
  • WD-82837
The following models don’t need the 3DA-1 adapter as long as
you install this 3D software upgrade from Mitsubishi:
  • WD-60738
  • WD-73738
  • WD-65838
  • WD-82838
  • WD-65738
  • WD-82738
  • WD-73838
  • 47LX6500
  • 47LX9500
  • 55LX6500
  • 55LX9500
SonyThe following models require IR emitter model TMR-BR100: 
  • KDL-40HX800
  • KDL-46HX800
  • KDL-55HX800
  • XBR-52HX909
  • XBR-46HX909
The following models don't require the IR emitter:
  • XBR-52LX900
  • XBR-60LX900
  • XVT3D650SV
  • XVT3D554SV
  • XVT3D475SV
  • XVT3D425SV
  • M3D550SR
  • M3D420SR
  • E3D470VX
  • E3D420VX
  • E3D320VX
SharpFirmware upgrade may be required on the following models:
  • LC-70LE735U
  • 60LE835U
  • 52LE835U
  • 46LE835U
  • 40LE835U
  • 60LE935UN
  • 52LE935UN

Note: Supported 3D televisions may also need a firmware upgrade. Please check with your television manufacturer to ensure you have the latest firmware version for your 3D HD television model.
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