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DIRECTV error code: 928

This error message indicates that your Wireless Video Bridge is not working correctly, or you need to reset the connection for your Genie receiver.


Contact Support

If you are having trouble with your Wireless Video Bridge or have recently replaced the Genie server, the following error message may appear: 

Warning! You are about to reset the connection to your Wireless Video Bridge from your Whole-Home Network. This will require that you repeat the setup process for adding clients to your Whole-Home network from your Genie Receiver (server), and enter the location name for each client again.

This message appears in the following circumstances:
  • Your Wireless Video Bridge has lost power or is rebooting.
  • Your wireless connection is unstable.
  • You replaced the Genie receiver and need to reset the Wi-Fi connection.

To resolve this issue, contact us.

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