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Learn about trusted sign-in locations

We may send you a code to make sure it’s you if we don’t recognize that you’ve signed in from this browser or device before.


How we make sure it’s you signing in

We’ll send a one-time verification code to your AT&T wireless number. Once you’ve confirmed, we’ll remember you’ve signed in from this browser or device.

Heads up: We’ll never call, email, or text you to ask for this code.

We’ll make sure it’s you again whenever you:
  • Clear your cookies
  • Sign in from a different browser or device
  • Sign in with a different user ID
  • Forget and reset your password

Helpful tips

  • Don't want us to remember your browser or device as a trusted sign-in location? Just uncheck Trust this browser or device. For example, you can uncheck it if you’re on a public computer or shared device.
  • The verification code is different from your sign-in password and your wireless security passcode.
  • Be sure to keep your contact info up to date on your profile in myAT&T.

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