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Learn about changes to the DIRECTV App

Find out what’s changing in the DIRECTV App.

We’re working to give you the best DIRECTV App experience by focusing our efforts on the features you use the most. Starting March 4, 2019, we’re changing how you can stream when you’re away from home:
  • You’ll only be able to watch live channels available from your location. To help, we’ll only show you what’s available wherever you are.
  • Want to watch recorded shows from your DVR while you’re on the road? Make sure to download them to the DIRECTV App before you leave home.1 Then, you can watch them even when you don’t have access to a mobile network or Wi-Fi®.

Don’t worry, though. When you’re at home, you can still access all your live channels and recorded content. And, you still have access to over 50,000 shows and movies on demand to watch anytime, anywhere on your favorite devices.2

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