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We’re separating your combined DIRECTV and AT&T bill

Here’s what to expect when we separate the bill that combines your DIRECTV and AT&T services (including AT&T home phone and DSL internet).


Find out what the upcoming bill separation means to you

Today, you’re getting one bill for your DIRECTV® and AT&T services. We recently updated our system, so we’re separating your combined bill. You’ll start getting 2 bills as early as April 2019 - a DIRECTV bill and an AT&T services bill. Until that happens, be sure to pay any combined bills you receive.

Don't worry. Your current pricing and discounts won’t change as a result of separating your bills.
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Managing your AT&T service

Continue to manage your AT&T services on using your current user ID.  If you have payment options like AutoPay, they’ll stay with your AT&T account.
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Managing your DIRECTV account

After the separation, you’ll get a paper DIRECTV bill by default. To set up paperless billing or AutoPay, use your DIRECTV sign-in info. Don’t have a DIRECTV ID or password? Sign up now

Interested in watching TV on the go? Sign in to the DIRECTV App with your DIRECTV info. You can also use it to access other entertainment apps if they’re included in your programming package, like HBO GO or ESPN.

Good to know: Not sure what your DIRECTV account number is? Look at your new DIRECTV bill or an old combined bill.
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