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Get info about equipment and return fees

Find out what the different charges mean.


Potential equipment fees on your bill

  • Damaged equipment fee: We charge this fee if we determine your equipment was damaged due to abuse. Want to dispute the fee? Contact us
  • Non-return equipment fee: We charge this fee if we don’t get your equipment within 21 days of your return or disconnect date. If you return it after 21 days, we’ll credit your account within 2 months of receiving the equipment. Find out what type of equipment you have to return
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Helpful tips

  • Keep your return receipt or tracking number. If you already dropped off the equipment at a company-owned FedEx Office® Pack and Ship or The UPS Store® and don’t have a reference number, just go back and ask for a copy of it.
  • Find out how to check your bill for credits or adjustments
  • Returning your AT&T TV device because of a defect or you canceled service within the first 14 days of delivery or ship date? We’ll credit your account after the right location receives the device in working condition. Learn more
  • Still getting billed for equipment you already returned? Have your return reference or tracking number handy and contact us. Let us know what type of number you have:
  • Drop equipment off without a box to FedEx or UPS: Reference number
  • Return boxes back to us: Tracking number
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