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Reset your AT&T email password

Learn how to reset or change the password you use to sign in to your AT&T email.

How do I reset my email password?
You can reset your email password on myAT&T. Keep in mind that resetting your email password may also reset the password you use to sign in to AT&T.

Reset my password now



Password changes

Often, the password you use to sign in to your email and myAT&T are the same. Even though you might get your email at, you’ll always manage your email password on (myAT&T).

We can help if you lost your email password and want to reset it, or if you know your password but want to change it.
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I don’t know my password and can’t sign in

If you recently changed the password for your AT&T User ID, try to sign in to your email using that new password. If that doesn’t work, reset your password:
  1. Go to myAT&T.
  2. Select Forgot Password?
  3. Complete the password info.
  4. Choose security questions or temporary password and follow the prompts.
    If you choose temporary password, we’ll let you know where we sent it. 
  5. Create your new password.
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I know my password but want to change it

For security reasons, it’s a great idea to change your password regularly. You can do this on myAT&T.
  1. Go to your Sign-in info.
  2. Select Change password.
  3. Enter and save your password info. 

Just a heads-up: Your new password may also apply to your AT&T User ID.

Tip: While you’re at it, now is a great time to:
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